See it in


By kimocaliente
Written January 23, 2015
Very disappointed in this movie. Ruined the whole trilogy. Forced love stories, cheesy moments, terrible cgi. Dont go see this movie.
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Peter Jackson Why!?

By zmconnelly7
Written January 04, 2015
Such a let down, the first two movies were mediocre; too much CGI, and what's with all these cheap laughs that are totally not the style of lotr, I've been waiting for this/these movies for ten years with only the highest hopes, and to be honest the animated movie did a better job. And why the ***&^ is Legalos in the movie!? Orlando Bloom gtfo your not supposed to be here! As a long time lotr fan it hurts to say this but this was no better than 6/10 =(
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What were you going for Jackson?

By ctpietrack514
Written January 23, 2015
I can applaud the cinematography! But the plot changes and dialogue overall was inexcusable half-hearted nonsense. Surely, there will be many awards for the high quality CGI & overall look of the trilogy, but none to great acts of performance. Chalk this series up as another box office hit. Wowing the general masses, but forsaking Tolkien & his beloved Middle-Earth. Take some tips from Bilbo, Jackson, a Baggins would never treat his company in a rude manner.
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i went to theater and they said it wasnt playing for a month!

By gigihaag902
Written January 30, 2015
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Great beginning ending i

By mjcotman
Written January 05, 2015
Great beginning ending movie if you haven't seen the others
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