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By 00025130424
Written June 19, 2015
I went to an early screening and wow exactly what i expected. I enjoyed it more than the last two. I don't recommend it to younger viewers because of the violence. Other than that this movie needs an oscar
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By jacobhobson
Written June 19, 2015
THE HOBBIT is one of the greatest fantasies in English literature; this one's close to home. After the first movie, I was kind of excited--close enough to the book and pretty movie, eye candy. Second movie, in comes a Hollywoodized love affair and characters that shouldn't be there. It all went down from there. Finally, the third movie--a gross overdose of CGI and classic Hollywood tricks that don't fit. Each fight scene isn't actually going in any general direction to move the plot. The movie tries to be an action movie, but since the story was never an action story to begin with, it clearly doesn't work. Cutely choreographed scenes paired with the "close call" trick (each fight scene ALMOST kills the hero, but someone saves him or her just in time), this film plays the Hollywood formula rather than trusting Tolkien as the literary genius he was. Peter Jackson should have told the story; the money would've come no matter what. Tolkien did an amazing job. This should've been easy.
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By androidango
Written June 19, 2015
The best part about the third movie is this misery finally ends.
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looking forward to this magnificent film so well that i spent some bucks buying the books

By christinehuges693
Written February 13, 2015
ive been looking forward to this one ever since i saw smaug heading towards the town of Dale intent with murder in his heart . such a great film were the last two that ive just had to get the making of the film book as well as the visual dictionary . all of these should be up for an oscar this coming march of 2015.
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excellent movie, except the ending

By nngg
Written June 19, 2015
What a terrible ending to a great series the story now killed the entire series for me THORIN was the main reason for the entire series and no they (or Tolkien) couldn't have used the ring to make Bilbo or THORIN invisible so he could kill Ozarg now they just couldn't do that apparently. The magical bears and Eagles couldn't have come any earlier to help save THORIN or couldn't have saved him during his fight right. They cudnt have used magic to save THORIN. Nope!! They kill him off in the dumbest scene ever with barely a chance to save him. yes that part for once is true to the book but kinda wish they wud have changed it for once. The entire movie is depressing now. The movie was exceptionally done but that storyline ruined the entire series. now when I think of the hobbit I get upset that thorin isn't there..just cuz Tolkien wrote it doesn't mean it cant be changed since most of it has been anyway. would just like to see thorin rule for once..
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