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The Final Hobbit movie

By benturner
Written January 05, 2015
With much anticipation I sought out an opening night location. There were less than a dozen people (not couples, people) in the first showing. Unfazed I comfortably settled in. Many scenes seemed to lack passion or a sense of reality! The scene where Lady Galadriel saves Gandalf by going 'supernatural' was like watching a B movie special effect from the 60's. When Thorin comes out of his selfish funk, seemed like it was not fully thought thru but something was needed and thus was just thrown in. The usual slow, non-action ending in the Shire left me wanting something a bit more Profound than a flash forward to the old Bilbo and a return of Gandalf at the door. Aside from the above, it was reasonably entertaining but clearly far less of a success than the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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2 hour battle scene

By jefftfsufiji
Written January 05, 2015
High frame rate makes the hand to hand battle scenes look very jumpy which is the opposite of what it is suppose to do. There is 10 min. of Smaug and 20 min of Dwarf angst and nearly two hours of fight scenes. If that is what you want, and it is named the battle of the 5 armies so I guess it is what we should expect, this is for you. But how many orc decapitations do we need? Weakest of the 6 movies.
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An epic end

By cwalker82
Written January 10, 2015
I'm sad the journey is over
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The Hobbit battle of the five armies

By turtlechick76
Written January 04, 2015
They didn't have to kill the cutest of the dwarves. :(
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Was Visual Creativity the Only goal for 5 Armys?

By Joelldiamond
Written January 05, 2015
Visual Creativity was the primary goal for Jackson and his pack of nerds in concluding the third installment. Before Jackson finalized the rights with the Tolkien family for The Hobbit, he assured the family representatives as well as fans that Hobbit would have to be elevated to the same character and plot based quality of the 3 LOTR films, if Warner approved of the idea of turning the the Hobbit saga into a trilogy of 3 hour individual films, they are certainly disappointed. Everyone expected, expects that #3 would be the best. Wrong. Everyone who loved the #2 Hobbit/Smaug, expected more than what was delivered. Wrong. So. do I have emphathy to the Warner Brothers production staff, who had to accept Jackson and team's final completed film for commercial release, and were powerless to control the outcome? Definitely. So, let the legions of Kiwi natives who have soaked up mega millions for their country over the past 16 years, count their coins for the last time.
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