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amazing movie, not crazy about the ending...

By flgirll27
Written January 05, 2015
I saw the marathon on monday and it was a spectacular movie- esp in imax 3d, just amazing. It was well done and amazing effects and everything else. I love the hobbit series of course, but was a little upset about the way thorin died- i kind of wish they would have made a bigger deal abt it. It was true to the book but the thorin in the book isnt the same in the movie, so I wish they would have edited that a bit. I didnt read the books and didnt know he would die, so i was upset..I love the series but really, the hobbit should have ended with thorin's reign, and then moved onto the other books. Tolkien just didnt do the best job of writing the story there..and heck should have been changed, dont care what the book fans say. The movies are life like and realistic and u become emotionally involved with them. it was a heart wrenching ending to the series and disappointing. I dont know if i can endure the first few knowing thorin never got to be king. other than that it was really good.
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So dissapointed

By leslienewland
Written January 05, 2015
I hate to say it, but it was terrible. I LOVE all the the LOTR movies and the first 2 of the Hobbit trilogy were amazing. This last one however, was a poor excuse for a LOTR movie. There were so many plot holes and continuity errors I was shocked. It felt rushed and overly focused on a made up character that wasn't even in the book (Tauriel). Martin Freeman's acting is the only thing that saved it for me. They also did a wonderful job with the Dragon, I could never bad mouth Smaug.
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Absolutely Wonderful

By kivancic
Written January 05, 2015
This movie gave us such a fitting end to an awesome series. The movie was action packed with a ton of "OMG" moments. The time just flew by and I can't wait to see it again. Well done Mr. Jackson, well done.
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An Excellent Send off to the Tolkien Franchise

By tippy2me
Written January 10, 2015
The film is strong for the most part. Well rendered graphics and fast paced film and action sequences. Strong character scenes between Bilbo and Thorin as well as Bard, Thranduil and other characters. The movie is entertaining, fun and reaches it's end in a bittersweet farewell to MIddle Earth. Outstanding performances by Freeman and Armitage. The best of the Hobbit series. Some actions scenes are a bit overdone but this is a fantasy film. Differs from the book a bit in how some of the scenes play out but it is absolutely faithful to the story in the key elements and Tolkien reader fans should love it. Peter Jackson walks into history with his head held high.
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By jcohen289
Written January 05, 2015
While I did enjoy it l, I have no desire to see it again. The acting was too soapy throughout, and the fight scenes, while cool, had too many gimmicky stunt. You never had to to appreciate a stunt because it was immediately followed by an even more gimmicky one.
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