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What were you going for Jackson?

By ctpietrack514
Written December 26, 2014
I can applaud the cinematography! But the plot changes and dialogue overall was inexcusable half-hearted nonsense. Surely, there will be many awards for the high quality CGI & overall look of the trilogy, but none to great acts of performance. Chalk this series up as another box office hit. Wowing the general masses, but forsaking Tolkien & his beloved Middle-Earth. Take some tips from Bilbo, Jackson, a Baggins would never treat his company in a rude manner.
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So dissapointed

By leslienewland
Written December 28, 2014
I hate to say it, but it was terrible. I LOVE all the the LOTR movies and the first 2 of the Hobbit trilogy were amazing. This last one however, was a poor excuse for a LOTR movie. There were so many plot holes and continuity errors I was shocked. It felt rushed and overly focused on a made up character that wasn't even in the book (Tauriel). Martin Freeman's acting is the only thing that saved it for me. They also did a wonderful job with the Dragon, I could never bad mouth Smaug.
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By altano
Written December 23, 2014
This movie was beginning to end action with no story. It was worse than the first movie.
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If you like video games...

By Kemick10
Written December 28, 2014
then you will still hate this movie. Bad graphics from the very beginning, mr. Jackson must have felt that this movie had a minimum run time allowance of 2 1/2 hours... because it was just about as good as the Original Sharknado... seemed like more of a high school project than a "winter blockbuster." to the the cast's credit, it wasn't the acting that was bad. The credit goes to a mediocre director and a HORRIBLE finishing team. Save your money and go see Penguins. At least you will be invested in the story or lack there of.
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Just OK

By smmw
Written December 28, 2014
A little on the flat side. After the Dragon dies it slowly goes down hill. Computer animation, and attention to detail not as good as LOTR. Some of the battle scenes too long and tedious despite the gore.
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