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Peter Jackson Why!?

By zmconnelly7
Written January 04, 2015
Such a let down, the first two movies were mediocre; too much CGI, and what's with all these cheap laughs that are totally not the style of lotr, I've been waiting for this/these movies for ten years with only the highest hopes, and to be honest the animated movie did a better job. And why the ^^^^ is Legalos in the movie!? Orlando Bloom gtfo your not supposed to be here! As a long time lotr fan it hurts to say this but this was no better than 6/10 =(
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A terrible conclusion to an otherwise good series

By randyjimenez2010855
Written January 23, 2015
The entire movie play like a clip show, jumping from battle to battle with no bridge in between. A large portion of the movie revolves around the people of lake-town and their involvement in the battle, but halfway through they are forgotten and we never see them again until the war is over. On top of that after a climatic battle between faction leaders, the war is presumed over and won, we don't SEE the war end, it just cuts to the aftermath even though the war was still in full swing after the faction leader fight. Overall, it was more like a LotR Fight Scene clip show.
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By kimocaliente
Written January 23, 2015
Very disappointed in this movie. Ruined the whole trilogy. Forced love stories, cheesy moments, terrible cgi. Dont go see this movie.
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i went to theater and they said it wasnt playing for a month!

By gigihaag902
Written January 30, 2015
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Great beginning ending i

By mjcotman
Written January 05, 2015
Great beginning ending movie if you haven't seen the others
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