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Must go for those new and old to Tolkien's works

By jodychristinegayhart
Written December 13, 2013
This is definitely a must go. Give those new to Hobbit and Toklien's stories a chance to see both movies. The Desolaion of Smaug was a good 2nd and middle chapter movie. It covers so much ground and definitely shows why there are three movies. I have read the Hobbit and know that there is a lot more book to cover in the third movie. So where they cut it off at makes sense and makes you want to see the third and last movie. I am definitely look forward to it. I still recommend reading the book for those new the Hobbit. I know I had a lot of fun watching both movies in a row. I wonder if I could do three movies in a row. XD
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Not as good...

By jessicaomordha14
Written December 13, 2013
The first Hobbit was great! This one, well, it lacked a certain pizzaz. It was slow, felt much longer than 2h 40m. The cgi was seemingly ore cheesy than the first one too. It certainly felt like the story could have ended with movie two, a third seems a bit much. Hopefully it will be more engaging. But was it absolutely terrible? No, not at all.
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