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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Synopsis
Men, Dwarves and Elves must decide whether to unite and prevail -- or be destroyed -- and Middle Earth hangs in the balance.
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By 00025130424
I went to an early screening and wow exactly what i expected. I enjoyed it more than the last two. I don't recommend it to younger viewers because of the violence. Other than that this movie needs an...


By jacobhobson
THE HOBBIT is one of the greatest fantasies in English literature; this one's close to home. After the first movie, I was kind of excited--close enough to the book and pretty movie, eye candy. Second...


By androidango
The best part about the third movie is this misery finally ends....

looking forward to this magnificent film so well that i spent some bucks buying the books

By christinehuges693
ive been looking forward to this one ever since i saw smaug heading towards the town of Dale intent with murder in his heart . such a great film were the last two that ive just had to get the making...

excellent movie, except the ending

By nngg
What a terrible ending to a great series the story now killed the entire series for me THORIN was the main reason for the entire series and no they (or Tolkien) couldn't have used the ring to make...

what source material?

By argodman
I love the Hobbit. I love Tolkien. I was not very thrilled with this movie. I am still not convinced (actually even less convinced) that a love story needed to be added to this series of movies. one...

Great movie if you never read The Hobbit

By ayefimov
I won't give anything away, but it was just such a shame that, as the last movie in the Tolkien saga, the movie so grievously deviated from such a short book. Shame on you, Peter Jackson....

Glad its over!

By bdahl262
This film was long, boring, unoriginal, and left a lot of loose ends open that the LoTR trilogy can't answer. What really got me was when the dwarves decided to go after "the defiler," their...


By cliffsir
I went to the early screening and I enjoyed it very much. I think they did a great job and well worth the money. Saw it in IMax 3D and it blew me away. If you like the Hobbit, you gotta see it....

What were you going for Jackson?

By ctpietrack514
I can applaud the cinematography! But the plot changes and dialogue overall was inexcusable half-hearted nonsense. Surely, there will be many awards for the high quality CGI & overall look of the...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Fantasy Action, Frightening Images and Intense Fantasy Violence
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Common Sense Media says Trilogy conclusion has thrilling, violent battle scenes.
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