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Reinventing The Hobbit? Why?

By mstraha
Written December 14, 2013
I have never written a negative movie review, and I really don't want to ruin this movie for those who haven't seen it. Peter Jackson is a truly gifted film maker, and his rendition of the LOTR series will go down in filmmaking history. Simply excellent! But this one? It was not even close to Tolkein's story. I was shocked. To those who make huge "artistic licence" allowances to Mr. Jackson I have to question whether you've actually read the books (or even care about artistic integrity). Tolkein was a master and these are HIS stories. Viewers might tolerate occasional departures from the manuscript for flow and brevity (as were done in the previous movies), but they will not tolerate complete departures from the story line. Jackson, a true master of his own craft, should have kept to the story, rather than completely rewriting it. Those easily distracted by CG and beautiful landscapes will be carried along, but Tolkein fans will be greatly disappointed.
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Should be called "The Dwarf"

By johncota918
Written December 15, 2013
From its opening scenes, viewers are aware that the focus of this movie is Thorin's "I have the only right" militaristic mission to regain a huge mountain so 12 dwarves can live there...There is no strategy, foresight or humor to this mission. Forget the 2 by 2 entry to Beorn's house, forget Bilbo taunting the spiders or the stream/boat crossing in Mirkwood. All of those unique, clever plot developments in our beloved novel have been pushed we can listen to some fabricated female elf develop a crush on a dwarf whom 1/2 the audience probobly couldn't even name by the end of the movie Instead of developing Bilbo from a scared homebody into a cunning rescuer, (yes Peter Jackson, the movie is called "The Hobbit"), Jackson has concentrated on making wood elves like Legolas fight like steroided ninjas and have open barrels defy physics by crushing dozens of orcs without breaking..for 20 minutes. That being said, the spiders and Smaug are pretty are Bard/Laketown.
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Very nice film, title incorrect

By kkreisrn
Written December 14, 2013
The movie is a nice film, LOVED the movie... I think the title was wrong though... this should have been entitled "Awakening the Dragon, an Elvish love story" Graphics were great, movie was FUN... but much of it was stuff that wasn't in the book.
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Peter Jackson did it again

By ehlabse
Written December 13, 2013
As per usual, I go to a Peter Jackson Tolkien movie and as the end credits roll, I wonder where the time has gone and am very disappointed that I have to wait an entire year for the next and final one. The movie was beautifully produced, wonderfully directed and the acting was way above average. Small children might have a problem with a few parts -- especially the spiders that make Shelob from the LotR trilogy look tame, as well as how they are dealt with by dwarves, a hobbit and elves. I highly recommend that if you go see this movie, and you really should, that you go to IMAX 3D. The depth of the scenery is second to none.
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Full of Surprises

By hengis
Written December 16, 2013
I have read the Hobbit many times, so I have a general idea how things are supposed to work out. And all of the things I wanted to see, I saw. But the details that Peter Jackson and company added to the film, for a better fit for the media, to reach a broader audience, or even to provide more depth to the story kept me on the edge of my seat. The battle of the dwarves against the dragon inside the mountain is epic, and yet fitting. The development of the tensions within the woodelves kingdom seemed completely consistent. Gandalf's visit to Dol Guldur was more exciting than I had imagined. The ending, of course, leaves you eager for the last installment, next year.
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