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Utter Butchery

By Jordanis
Written December 13, 2013
I understand the need to make changes when adapting for a new medium. However, what they've done to The Hobbit in this movie is mind-boggling. In a nine-hour adaptation, they've gone and cut huge swaths of the book down to the bone, then rush through them headlong. With the time this has freed up, they have inserted an amazing array of unnecessary fight scenes (and the big bad orcs' CG is also bad), an unnecessary and bizarre love triangle, and about an hour of gratuitous rampaging inside the mountain on the part of the dragon. At some point, someone doing this adaptation forgot that The Hobbit is a story about Bilbo. It's a story of his growth as a person. The dwarves and wizards and elves are all supporting characters to that story. They've forgotten that, and gone crazily scattered narratively, because they keep trying to promote other characters to 'protagonist'. Personally, I recommend pretending this movie never happened.
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Much worse than everything else LOTR

By bagginsnj
Written December 14, 2013
I hate to say it, but this movie was a disappointment. Whereas I loved Peter Jackson's Lord of the rings movies, I can honestly say that I hated his interpretation of The Hobbit. It tried to be a series of big action scenes with a nauseating overuse of 3D that was loosely based on, "The Hobbit" the book. The only believable character was Smaug. Everyone else showed little or no emotion. Even Legolas and Gandalf, who were great in LOTR, were uninteresting, emotionless, and boring in the Hobbit. The scary parts were too scary. It's not for kids. They took out the poetry and verse that was a major part of the book. They could have easily made the movie true to the book, kid friendly, and made a decent movie, but instead, they tried to make something that brings people to watch it on the big screen, but it backfired. Even the cinematography was weird. - more like a soap opera than a hollywood flick. I wish I stayed home and watched the Rankin and Bass version from the 70's.
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Stupid Ending

By SherrysReview
Written December 14, 2013
The movie was good but the ending was such a cliff hanger that it kinda ruined the whole thing! Irritated my two friends and I so much that we probably won't go see the next one....definitely not for little kids.
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Don't bother with HFR

By anschris
Written December 14, 2013
The movie was great. It did at times feel like they were trying to stretch the story out to fill in a long movie. But, overall it was enjoyable, especially the dragon scenes. That being said, I was disappointed in a few things: 1. We saw it in HFR. Did NOT like it. It's like watching a cable TV show where they don't know how to do lighting and do digital panning. We did do the Real3D thing and I loved that. WAY better to me than the 3d in the IMAX theater. Just wish they'd make the Real3D as big as the IMAX... 2. The sound track during the movie. It seemed less than up-to-par with the LOTR sound track. The music would start and end abruptly instead of feeling like it's timed with the movie. Kind of like a crappy cable TV SyFy show. But don't waste time or money on HFR and make sure the cinemas you are seeing it at puts it in one of their premium theaters not, in the cubicle side ones usually reserved for movies like Smurfs and anything Tyler Perry.
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Good Movie? Yes....Is it like the book? No

Written December 31, 2013
Maybe it's just me but I was dubious about the book being made into three movies. And after seeing Smaug I'm pissed that I have to pay another 10.50 to see the conclusion in part three. New Line the Tolkien estate and MGM saw dollar signs and that was that...story be damned! JRR painted a beautiful picture of a world into which Peter Jackson spray painted some extra characters, extra plot points, and other BS while covering up some of the best scenes by not having them in the movie...The argument about how to eat the dwarves among the the three trolls as an example...and there was not a single utterance of "addercop" or "Tomnoddy" to be heard... For having nailed LOTR so perfectly, it's a grand disappointment to see the marketing machine take precedence over the story...
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