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Entertaining, ages 7+

By mltaylo3
Written December 15, 2013
Watched it with my 7 and 9 year old. Entertaining; lots of action, stays more or less true to the book. They obviously left a couple parts out, presumably for the "anniversary" or "deluxe" edition, or whatever, after the dvd's release. Neither my son (9) nor my daughter (7) said they were scared, although my daughter wanted me to cover her eyes for a couple of scenes (less than 2 minutes of footage). There is some head chopping and violence, but no gore. Fun to watch, ends on a cliff-hanger (of course, for part 3).
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The continuing saga

By joyjoyhd
Written January 14, 2014
Obviously, if you go to the Hobbit series movies you expect a 3 hour long movie. The storyline can be predictable and similar to the one before it, however, it was still very enjoyable. The graphics were meticulously done and it was a beautiful movie to watch -- especially on an IMAX screen in 3D. It is frustrating when a movie ends on a cliffhanger though!! UGH! There could've been a little bit more resolution. Now we all sit for a year to see "what happens next."
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Hobbit......JUST SAY NO

By jrosen0624
Written January 17, 2014
This movie is an absolute disgrace. I know that movies change when compared to the book but I did not even recognize the movie. The movie was about greed pure and simple. In 3D the effects would have been awesome but a movie needs to be about more than that. The actors really did not have time to act so I do not know how the acting was since they were so busy worrying about the 3D
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Much better than Unexpected Journey

By mhjmhjones
Written December 19, 2013
I went not expecting much after Unexpected Journey, which was a letdown. I was pleasantly surprised - this was much closer to the caliber of the LOTR movies. PJ took many, many artistic liberties, but most of them are tolerable. I can't wait until next year!
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A Fun Adventurous Movie!

Written January 16, 2014
I enjoyed seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug tonight. I went with my 20 year old son who filled me in a bit on what I missed in the first movie: The Hobbit. It didn't really matter,however, because this movie was a fast paced but intellectually satisfying experience. It is appropriate for the young and young at heart. The Elves are awesome!
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