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Jackson does it again!!!

By vipervick
Written July 24, 2014
I loved this first installment and can't wait to see the rest. I saw it in 3D IMAX HFR. The IMAX HFR was awesome! But with that big of a screen, the 3D was kind of a distraction. If you moved your head, part of the image was fuzzy. The Hobbit doesn't warrant 3D in my opinion.
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See it in HFR IMAX 3D

By bloatedwarthog
Written December 17, 2012
Over the weekend I saw this movie in both normal and HFR IMAX 3D just to compare the experiences (and because it's a great film). I was amazed how much better the IMAX version was and it did NOT look like video. I think people are confused by the 40 minutes of footage that was actually filmed in IMAX. Those look a lot clearer and brighter than the rest of the footage, but have NOTHING to do with the HFR. The movie itself is super fun and doesn't it take itself as serious as The Lord of the Rings. Beautiful, heart warming, and fun. Can't wait for the next one!
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Great movie!

By kpaddock
Written December 17, 2012
I deeply enjoyed this movie! I bought tickets for my boyfriend and I to see in IMAX 3D since he'd never seen an IMAX 3D movie. He liked it! Also, he's more into Lord of the Rings than I am, and he said it met his expectations. Go see it!
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Good, but would be better if 20 min shorter

By kacyak
Written December 18, 2012
It takes too long for th adventure to begin. They could have cut 20 min out of the first 45 minutes and improved the film. Once the trek began the pace picked up and I enjoyed the rest. .
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HFR must see, movie so-so

By kfloydh
Written January 04, 2013
Bilbo and Gollum scene was the best part. Visually the HFR took me about 20 mins to get used to. At first everyone looked like they were moving to fast. But by the time they got to the goblins I felt fully immersed in it and just enjoyed the crisp visuals. The cgi may not be ready for 48fps yet as it looked more like a video game at times. But I wouldn't want to see this movie any other way.
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