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Great Movie but audio was out of sync with video

By shedrick
Written April 30, 2016
Paid $17 for great IMAX experience and was disappointed with the quality. The audio was out of synce With the video. Even with the quality issue that was a big disappointment the movie was great. Will go see again hoping the issue will be resolved.
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A little disappointed

By mondayx
Written October 01, 2016
We paid $17.50 each to see this in 3D HFR IMAX, and I should have just waited for the DVD. The movie was good, and I did think something was going to hit me in the face a few times, but all in all I should have spent the money elsewhere. There just wasn't anything about this movie that made it important to be 3D, HFR, or IMAX.
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It's The Hobbit of course!!!

By cerati9
Written December 27, 2012
Peter Jackson continues to wow with such an amazing job with Tolkien's beloved stories. The film is absolutely gorgeous, it's visually stunning in the HFR IMAX 3D. The CGI looks so real, it takes a bit to get used to, but once you do, it's truly breathtaking. The story itself is so wonderful and well if you loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you will love The Hobbit. I'm glad that the decided to tackle on such a classic.
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Not the same grandeur as LotR but still great movie, worth 3D

By Pentaquark
Written December 17, 2012
I'm really glad that I saw this movie in the format that I did. The HFR does take some adjustment on behalf of the filmgoer and I think that's true of the directors/movie makers as well. There were some points were the RL material looked so vividly real, it made the computer generated part stand out and noticed as obviously faked. The 3D was done really well with a handful of (I think) annoying jump-out-of-the-screen effects. The acting was, of course, impeccable from all the major characters, including Thorin. There is a lot of 'backstory' at the beginning of the movie which is not in the Hobbit but it still helped paint the picture of Middle Earth at this time, 60 years before the war of the ring. If you're a Tolkien nut, try not to take the liberties that Jackson took with the story as detracting from the movie. I think they added a little bit of continuity and aided the story telling since this only covers the first 6 chapters.
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They forgot to edit it

By wingrider104
Written January 14, 2013
Within the 3 hours, there is a great 2 hour movie. Too many times looked at watch to see what time it was - not a good sign. Yeah, there is some great scenes, but they are hurt by the lack of editing. Not sure how they can make one book into 3 movies - what I do know is if they continue to fail to edit and put our another 3 hour film that should have been 2 hours or less will really kill any hope for number 3. On the plus side, the 3D effects are becoming to much a part of the movie that it takes a bit to go back to normal screens.
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