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Looked great in IMAX

By rachelk1177
Written December 27, 2012
It was a visually beautiful movie and the cast seemed well-suited for their roles. I was expecting more from the music and it was pretty long, but there were some funny moments.
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The Hobbit

By keller.john
Written August 28, 2015
When i went to go see this movie i was blown out of the water. I saw it in imax 3d hfr. I thought it was all in all a good movie a couple nitpicks here and there but all in all a good movie. i recommend people to go see it in 48 fps it looked amazing and the cgi was great also
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Nicely done throughout!

By amazingmacman
Written December 17, 2012
Contrary to what some critics have said, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was well-paced, with a good dramatic structure, decent builds to pivotal points, and solid character development that speaks well of the actors as well as the director. The story isn't exactly true to the book in all things, but of course we should have all known that going in. After all, when a book shorter than any single volume of the Lord of the RIngs trilogy becomes a movie trilogy in its own right, things are going to have to change. Still, Peter Jackson went back to Tolkein's writings to expand the story instead of adding extraneous car chases and explosions, so it's all good. And Sylvester McCoy's Radagast the Brown is a welcome addition. I saw it in the high frame rate, IMAX 3D version, and I really couldn't see anything that would make me think the high frame rate was any better than the IMAX version. I'll be seeing the "no frills" version later in the week, so I'll know more then.
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Great movie, HFR and 3D didn't add much.

By El_Scorcho
Written December 14, 2012
A great movie overall, although at the end I really didn't feel as invested in the characters as I did with the fellowship. It was also missing the sense of impending doom you had with LoTR. High frame rate and 3D was not necessary, although it looked beautiful, especially on the imax screen.
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Spectacular Feast for the Senses

By skybeing
Written December 16, 2012
If I could rate this movie 10 stars, I would. It was just a magnificent feast for the eyes. I wished it could go on forever. Not one dull second! Peter Jackson and crew has done it again.
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