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HFR Rocks!

By Silver_Screener
Written August 26, 2016
I heard mixed reviews about it being "too clear" or "looks fake"... I thought it was wonderful! The next step in movie-making... brings you into the movie.. I felt like I was there! And, sometimes 3D IMAX makes me a little dizzy/nauseated or have a headache... this took all that away. Loved!
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the hobbit 48 frames imax

By movies10000
Written May 30, 2016
The film was great, but I really did not notice a lot of difference with the 48 frames versus the regular frames. Another problem is that the 3D glasses took away some of the light on the image. The film is shot in dimly set frames to begin with, so with the additional darkness from the glasses, it got darker than it really was. The sets in the back looked a little fake. I don't know if this was due to the CGI or the 48 frames IMAX. In any case, if you liked the Lord of the Rings films, you will love this film.
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Fastest 3 hours in Cinema History

By RobertKent
Written December 15, 2012
Shortly before the end, I figured about an hour or 90 minutes had gone by. Five minutes later the movie was over. Completely immersive, and like LOTR, a world most would jump at the chance to enter for themselves. Asked the kids I went with what their favorite part was . . . and each replied "everything".
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One word...EPIC!

By RavenFox
Written March 06, 2015
I never thought the movies can wow me like Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit". I preordered my tickets a week advance for me and my sweetheart. Made sure it was Imax 3D [Yes it's that good no gimmicks especially with the new FPS standard at 48]. We got there early and many Tolkien fans were already lined up outside. We took our position on line and waited. My love wasn't sure it was here type of movie but somehow I knew she would be changed after and I was not wrong. Folks if you enjoy childhood fairy tale movies then watch this. If you feel movies are to expensive to justify what there giving us then make this the one to justify that price. I'm still in awe. Never have I seen such rich locales and Computer graphics blended together in such rich detail. James Cameron's Avatar has been toppled and that movie was quite a sight. Cinematography is one thing but what of the story? As a Tolkien fan Mr. Jackson has done more than good. The tale stays true to form. I'm out of words. Just go. Now!
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By smartin6
Written December 15, 2012
From the moment Gandalf comes onto the scene, you know something magical is about to happen. A young Bilbo Baggins is a homebody whose world is about to change as he is unwittingly included in an overreaching plan to regain the homeland of the dwarves. By Gandalf's secret invitation, they descend upon his quiet home with mannerless panache to plot their move to slay the dragon "who" holds their homeland hostage. He wants nothing to do with this wretched bunch until they leave and he realizes he may never get a chance at adventure like this again, so he joins them. The rest is cinematic magic when all sorts of unimaginable foes and monsters try to foil their journey, including Gollem; the scenes in which he steals with his creepy wonder are pure joy. It took a while to get used to the HFR format, but once my eyes adjusted, it was a pleasure to watch. Although the 3D was not as intense as I would have liked, it was still amazing. So for a rousing adventure, I rate this a must see!
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