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The Hobbit is Great, HFR is greater

By RandallStevens
Written October 25, 2014
Yes, the HFR 48 frames per second takes a bit to get used to... because this is the first major movie EVER. it is different than every major film EVER that has come before it. As such, ten minutes of adjustment time isn't too much to ask, is it? The HFR makes the film seem like you are watching live action, as opposed to a recorded 35mm film. It has no film stock grain or grittiness. It has no motion blur. It has the feel of actual real people and characters doing mundane things in a mundane manner... the way that real live people do. The HFR has left the movie standing without the legendary, set-in-stone, epic patina that every film you've ever seen has held in its DNA. Peter Jackson called truer to real immersion in the world and I have to agree. Added benefits: 1) no eye strain after a very long 3D movie. 2) everything in the shot is in focus. 3) no motion blur, which is particularly helpful to those who typically cannot enjoy 3D films due to motion sickness.
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By Dr_787
Written December 29, 2014
If you love the LOTR trilogy you'll love The Hobbit! The 48 fps take getting used to but its definitely the future of movies. It was like watching blu-ray for the first time, it was weird at first, but now I can't go back to standard definition.
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Has Peter Jackson actually read the hobbit???

By justinlawyer
Written September 18, 2014
Ugh! Jackson is milking us with the first 3 hour installment of 3 movies for a book that should be told in a single sitting! Where is the story telling? It's all lost in the computer graphics! Do yourself a favor and find yourself a copy of the original 1977 cartoon The Hobbit. My top 5 reasons I like the cartoon better: (1) It captures the voice and emotion of the book perfectly. The scenes match the charm of Tolkein's words! (2) It is kid friendly, just like the book. The movie has more of the feel of the Lord of the Rings instead (dark and more dragging) (3) It doesn't try to explain things, but instead lets us discover them, just as Bilbo did (4) It doesn't change scenes just to try to force certain conflicts between characters. (5) It gets Golum, Bilbo, and the Dwarves. The movie doesn't! Though Ian McKellen rocks as Gandalf. Thank goodness Jackson got that right!
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So very cool

By seapplegate
Written October 02, 2014
I loved it! While I don't think the 3D was necessary and I can't wait to see it again without 3D...they did an awesome job. It's not LOTR but it's not supposed to be. So don't go in thinking you're going to see another LOTR. Definitely one to see multiple times, then buy.
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Hobbit 3D Loved it

By rvsin
Written August 30, 2014
My first review. It is long, but for Middle Earth fans, its great. Gives you more time to immerse. Think the higher film framerate was fine. Thought that visually, it was beautiful. They spent some extra time with background and tied it in to the coming of Sauron and the LOTR. Enjoyed it!
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