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A Truely Enexpected Adventue.

By Wood Elf
Written October 01, 2016
I have long awaited this movie, and with mixed feelings; hopeful, aprehensive and excited. In my opinion it was well worth waiting for and Jackson took it far beyond the LOTR Trilogy. The story line was easy to follow, exciting and non-stop. The special-effects were better than any I've seen yet, and the 3-D blew me away. It was better than anything I've seen to date. I was very impressed with the movie overall, and went to the show with three very intense critics; my sister, and two grandsons, sixteen and nieteen. They all agreed the movie was fantastic and we can hardly wait for the next film. The audience we shared the theater with cheered, aplauded and were also very impressed.
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Another beautiful movie

By apton77
Written December 14, 2012
The purists will definitely have a field day with the creative license Peter Jackson has taken, but it plays well in the theater. I was leery of seeing the 3-D version, but it was not too over the top. I was skeptical of the HFR as well but the only time it seemed too much was during the fight scenes, and that blame might get pushed to the jump cut filming. Even so, it was a great show and so engaging that you barely realize you have spent nearly 3 hours in your seat! Caveat one! Go potty before you go in, some rookies had to excuse themselves during the show. Caveat two, there is no extra tidbit at the end, so unless you enjoy going through the credits like me, feel free to exit right away. All in all, very well done. Beautiful scenery, great fights, terrific story. Must see!
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Destroyed by GREED

By sailwestmac
Written May 28, 2016
When i heard that the Hobbit (a much shorter book than any of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) was going to be split into 2 movies i was surprised; but then when the GREEDY producers decided to make it into 3 movies over 3 years i knew it would be awful. The Hobbit might have been great as one movie. There is not enough story to make it three. There is so much padding in this first film I dread having to go to the next 2. Only the last 45 minutes had good action. The new 3D was OK but don't feel it added anything to the movie.
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GRReat Movie

By scblur
Written September 25, 2016
I have seen this twice now. On opening day in regular 2d and yesterday in 3D HFR 48fps. GO SEE IT IN 48fps!!!! I love the faster frame rate. Its like live action right in front of you. Panning is clear, i can see everything so much clearer on screen now. I hope more movies are shot in this method. It makes it worth seeing at the theater, otherwise the old method looks dated to me now. Bilbos interactions with Golem were phenomenal especially in the new FR. Everything looked better the second time in HFR. Its hard to describe, but its like its live.
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By pressingtothemrk
Written December 17, 2012
Loved the trilogy, not so much this latest film. I found it lacking in plot and character development, slow moving, drawn out. The cinematography and editing did not seem to be quite on par with the previous films. This is the first Tolkien based film I have seen in 3D, so the harsh lighting and "fake" staged appearance of some scenes may have been a byproduct of that technology. I did enjoy the film, but next time I will probably wait until it shows up at the dollar theater.
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