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Masquerade documentary

By aiodintsov
Written December 15, 2012
This is what my feeling about the movie was for most of the time. It does not catch a feeling of a real world but at all times you see it as a setup. I can't recall any movie but cheapest shows and low budget movies to provide such a feeling. I am not going to even mention stupidity of some scenes. I'm not going to object splitting the book into 3 movies. Indeed I would love to have it in three movies with exciting details added in. But it's all turned into a senseless action. As an example let's turn to a scene when the company is forced onto the trees. It's a rare moment even in the book when Gandalf uses his wizardy tricks to put magic fire onto the pine cones. Would the director use the chance? No. In the movie Gandalf uses his staff as a lighter and there is nothing magical about the scene at all. Trolls scene totally lacked original humor too. I'm giving "oh, no!" so you can go and see it for yourselves. A total disappointment for the most of the movie time.
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New Technology

By Xhaotix
Written January 27, 2015
I don't understand all the hate towards the HFR technology. I thought it looked amazing and was nice to see a new format. I would very much like to see more action movies filmed in this format.
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The Hobbit - with the high frame rate 3D... overwhelming action.

By wigmon
Written September 25, 2016
I first read the Trilogy of the ring and the Hobbit back in the sixties when I was in High School. I still think it's the greatest story ever told. I guess I have read the series close to once a year for 30 years. I never get tired of it. The Hobbit movie was spectacular and followed very closely to the book, especially the part where Frodo found the Ring. I was amazed by the visual effects. The high frame rate 3D was unbelievably realistic, but at times the action was so fast I could hardly follow it. I may have to see it three or four times for it all to soak in. In the end I loved it and I can hardly wait for the next part. Huge Winner for Peter Jackson, the cast and the crew. Loved it!
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The Hobbit

By urthum
Written July 30, 2016
If for no other reason than the opportunity to experience HFR in 3D The Hobbit is a must see! While the large shots where a lot was going on were dazzlingly crystal clear, the downside was in the close ups and scenes with more light where the particular look and feel of HFR seemed more like they were shot with a personal HD and the epic and nostalgic nature of the story was lost. The peripheral plot bits that don't get much coverage in the book were fun and interesting (except for the scene with the moving mauling mountain manikins). The acting was good but short on breadth. The story arc was a bit weak, especially in comparison with the first three films but overall, particularly compared to all other films trying to portray true fantasy fiction, this film was definitely worth the ticket price - the superb rendition of the Bilbo/Golem scene was so good that I would have paid just to have seen it alone - I would recommend this for families but not small children.
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Good buildup into next fiilms

By stud7lee
Written June 26, 2016
Critical assessment: Overall, the pace of the film was agonizingly slow (even more so than The Fellowship of the Ring). Additionally, several characters' comments seemed forced in an attempt to provide cheeky nostalgic moments in reference to the LotR movies and could've done without. The acting during many of the Hobbiton-based scenes early on seemed sub-par, as well, (especially from the various dwarves), but as the movie went on, it was able to draw more attention from viewers as what little action that occurred finally picked up, and some of the cheesiness went away (though failed to die out completely). Still, the direction of the movie stayed true to the original story well enough, major characters were portrayed impressively, and the visuals met the high expectations that have become standard for a Peter Jackson film. As a fan of the book, I look forward to experiencing the final two installments after this viewing. Hopefully the 3D will be more impressive in the next films
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