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Good but not amazing.

By poolejrr
Written September 25, 2016
The journey of the Hobbit that doesn't really get anywhere. The cinematic images were amazing but the plot was slow moving. If you're down for a movie that says...look at the great CGI we can do...but don't worry about the speed of plot progression.
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The Hobbit in 3D HFR

By dapj59
Written April 24, 2017
The story is well done of course with excellent character development and of course lots of action. I am not really sure I like the vivid reality of the high frame rate. Many times it felt more video game-like. Next time I am going to watch in standard digital video, not even 3D.
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The best book ever watched

By ddfish29
Written December 15, 2012
I saw the movie in 45 frame per second 3D format. I'm not sure if watching the movie this way is quite necessary but I loved the movie. I went to the movies with a few friends and we all liked it. One of my friends (who is an avid reader) said "it was like watching a book come to life". I stole the title for this review from him. It is true in some new way I haven't had the pleasure of exeriencing before it was like watching my imagination come to life on the screen. I am now quite delighted by the idea that I get to return to this story two more times. I believe anyone who loves fantisy will love this story for that reason alone. The movie is not the Hobbit book but it is the the Hobbit and when you watch the movie you will know what I mean by that. Now for some negatives: there are some pretty cheesy, corny one liners and the Orcs (goblins don't quite do it for me in this movie. Radagast was almost too wierd but loved anyways. Finally great movie you must go and watch it.
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Great Movie!

By SJS-1
Written September 29, 2016
Saw it in 3D HFR and was blown away with the clarity. There are lots of movies out there that we all complain about not being true to the book, this one was excruciatingly filled with detail from the book. Although they did take some artistic license with the plot, I thought it flowed well and was surprised how quick the time flew. It did leave me with the same feeling I had after the first LOTR, wishing they had gone a bit farther but with anticipation for the next in the trilogy.
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ultra real!! and worthwhile

By meadnite
Written March 26, 2017
visually: the is no mistaking the "reality" of this work. hobbit, dwarf, org alike - all are equal in 48 HFR 3D believability. that being said the reality of it being a creation is even more apparent - it is a crystal clear visual experience, proficiently artificial, superior eye candy. story: holds to the basic narrative line, but dilutes to a certain degree the moral fiber of tolkien's work when relating the history and aspirations of the dwarfs. if you appreciate the work of tolkien, this is a must see. for we have all dreamed someone would bring this to "life" and although clearly 'fabricated' it is clearly enchanting nonetheless ;)
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