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Amazing Movie and Awesome Visuals

By Mousedancing
Written December 15, 2012
I had no idea what a difference the HFR 3D would make. It was the most visually stunning movie I've ever seen, and of course that it was The Hobbit, was perfection! The movie was amazing, and lived up and surpassed expectations. I would not see this one any other way than the HRF 3D, it was like being right there in the movie the whole time. Awesome!!! We will definitely be seeing this one again!
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Story overcomes the telling

By sorthey
Written December 14, 2012
the high frame rate is distracting. There is no place in the image display to suspend disbelief. Any physical inconsistency is magnified by it. Particularly challenging were Dwarves juggling dishes and Dwarves cave-goblin-city wall slaloming on a stretch of rickety carpentry that a. miraculously survives just enough to save our heroes and b. can be seen staying upright with our heroes aloft in eerie detail through the whole descent from goblin city height to craggy final depth. kind of reminded me of watching "Thunderbirds". The story is a bit slow getting started. There are really great parts. Andy Serkis's Golem steals the movie. The last 20 seconds are killer
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3D was excellent- story plot unclear

By miwibr333
Written January 27, 2015
The 3D special effects and film photography was excellent- the story plot unclear- the dwarf's mission I thought was to destroy the dragon - but they never got back to the dragon - disappointing- but over all- it was entertaining
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The Hobbit

By spiceboy
Written March 31, 2015
This is my pick for Best Movie in 2012. As for the 48 FPS, I'm not a fan b/k it looks like a TV Movie...that being said, if they could make it 36 FPS (which is in between 24 & 48) that would be the best of both worlds, b/k the 48 FPS is really sharp in HD.
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ultra real!! and worthwhile

By meadnite
Written May 03, 2015
visually: the is no mistaking the "reality" of this work. hobbit, dwarf, org alike - all are equal in 48 HFR 3D believability. that being said the reality of it being a creation is even more apparent - it is a crystal clear visual experience, proficiently artificial, superior eye candy. story: holds to the basic narrative line, but dilutes to a certain degree the moral fiber of tolkien's work when relating the history and aspirations of the dwarfs. if you appreciate the work of tolkien, this is a must see. for we have all dreamed someone would bring this to "life" and although clearly 'fabricated' it is clearly enchanting nonetheless ;)
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