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By mistermer1229
Written December 14, 2012
It was a good movie, long but that is what Peter Jackson is known for. If you are looking for a re-make of Lord of the Rings then you will be disappointed. This movie is not trying to be Lord of the Rings it is telling a different story and therefore is a different movie that stands on its own.
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IMAX is the way to go.

By A_Spilker
Written January 11, 2013
Superb. Obviously, as with any book-to-movie conversion, some of the detail that made the story such a timeless and universally-loved classic is absent; however, it is difficult to imagine a better-imaged telling. The 3D version looks sharp, but if you have the option, choose the more engaging 3D-IMAX version. More than any other film to date, the IMAX upgrade is worth the price of admission.
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WTF are Critics complaining about?!

By jamaldahdoul
Written February 01, 2013
I'm the biggest Lord of the Rings fan but because almost every critic said the movie was just okay, I was really hesitant to see it. I finally saw the movie and it is amazing!! It's like LOTRs Part 4!! I loved the fact that it was longer and detailed. It really captures the story. Hollywood critics can go kill themselves and beat off some more to Django!
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By kaitlinbledsoe
Written January 05, 2013
What a great movie! Loved by nerds everywhere, JRR Tolkeins predecessor to The Lord of the Rings trilogy stunned and amazed my companion and I. Well worth the price of VIP seats at the theater.
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By Daefea
Written February 21, 2013
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