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By Schladtastic
Written January 29, 2013
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It's not the book, get over it.

By ewvanconant
Written January 18, 2013
While People may hold Peter Jackson to his original claims of creating an authentic film experience of Tolkien's world, I think most of us can agree that ship sailed after Fellowship. So, no this is not literate brilliance on screen. What it is, is a jr. high boy's dream version. Utterly lacking in nuance or subltelty. It is a load of fun if you let the the kid in you go and expect nothing but escapist fun. I don't recommend seeing it in 3d, but zIMax is a must.
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By Real Sunray
Written December 21, 2014
Unbelievable!!!!! I can't wait to see it again!!!
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By matlxbowmaster
Written January 12, 2013
Great movie. Although I do not recommend seeing it in 3D. Would have been much better in 2D.
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IMAX is the way to go.

By spilkersa
Written January 11, 2013
Superb. Obviously, as with any book-to-movie conversion, some of the detail that made the story such a timeless and universally-loved classic is absent; however, it is difficult to imagine a better-imaged telling. The 3D version looks sharp, but if you have the option, choose the more engaging 3D-IMAX version. More than any other film to date, the IMAX upgrade is worth the price of admission.
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