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Phenomenal Journey, but proceed with caution to the 3D theater

By jasonastewart
Written December 16, 2012
I am a child of the 1977 Hobbit cartoon. Today, I am a very happy person as I have relived my childhood favorite in a new light. This telling of 'The Hobbit' deserves huge praise. While I will refuse to add spoilers, I will tell the fans of the Rankin-Bass cartoon to rest at ease. Thank You Mr. Jackson for paying homage to your previous films as well as the cartoons from the childhoods of many. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! ***CAUTION: The stories around the 48 frame/sec causing headaches may have truth to it. Half way into the movie my wife experienced a splitting headache that subsided after removing the glasses and looking away for around 5 to 10 minutes.
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An Edge of Your Seat Experience

By jesfaith15
Written August 23, 2014
Having this movie in 3D was great, especially with the detail IMAX brings out. While the movie wasn't really true to the book as much as I would prefer, as a stand-alone movie I was impressed with the depth of the content. It really cleared up some things where Tolkien left holes. Such as Bilbo earning trust with the dwarves, why he stayed after everything he went throuh, etc. There were quite a few "inside jokes" for those that read the book, and I liked them.
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Good movie,decent adaptation

By dagahss
Written October 27, 2014
I'm a big Tolkien fan and have read most of his books. From a movie fan perspective it was pretty good, the casting, landscapes, effects, the visuals were astonishing as with the LOTR movies. Although the I felt they overused the slapstick humor for example: the three trolls feel like the three stooges... one of them even had Curly's voice and the Gobling king, come on... and let's not get started with Radagast. So, there are some loose, but forgivable, parts However as a book adaptation I felt it could have been a lot better, like, including Radagast and the white orc... completely made up. Besides that the subtle changes they made here and there... the problem is that, in the book, Tolkien makes such a good job describing the characters, their personalities... that you know how they're supposed to look and they don't. Anyway, if you can forgive those (not so) little creative liberties of an adaptation, it is still a good movie, a must for fans of Tolkien.
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visual spectacle with story intact but broadened in scope

By munirshaikh
Written December 17, 2014
Jackson does a great job overall of telling the core story with all the major beats from the book and a few adjustments for film structure/format. He puts the Hobbit into a broader Middle Earth context and weaves it into the LOTR films. Most significantly, Jackson has a knack for expanding the scale of scenes in his translation from the books to cinema. Overall, a very entertaining first entry in the trilogy.
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Not Quite LOTR good

By placeya
Written December 18, 2014
Overall an good movie but not as exciting or as good as the LOTR series. Drags at points and then spends a lot of time with the characters running from something. Nonetheless, still enjoyable and hopefully the next 2 will be a little better.
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