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Great Movie!!

By tjmundell
Written December 17, 2012
This is a great movie, right along the lines of the lord of the rings before it. The 3D action is great. Just got to remember this is one movie of three so it does not really end!
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One tough Hobbit

By beatrice102
Written January 27, 2015
Great movie with a cliff hanger insisting on seeing #2 and then #3 I'm certain. Interesting that the crowd at the movie was well over 30 something. Young Bilbo was a hit.
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An Edge of Your Seat Experience

By jesfaith15
Written July 29, 2015
Having this movie in 3D was great, especially with the detail IMAX brings out. While the movie wasn't really true to the book as much as I would prefer, as a stand-alone movie I was impressed with the depth of the content. It really cleared up some things where Tolkien left holes. Such as Bilbo earning trust with the dwarves, why he stayed after everything he went throuh, etc. There were quite a few "inside jokes" for those that read the book, and I liked them.
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By v6purplebird
Written December 01, 2015
Having read the book I must say that even though they add new twists and storylines (the pale orc and the necromancer) those stories came from Tolkien's Unfinished works so they weren't that far off from what Tolkien had in mind. Despite it not being like THE HOBBIT book, it was AMAZING! Definitely worth watching it in theaters and definitely would love to see it again. I don't think its fair to compare it to LOTR since this was written first and meant for children, after all it is TWO different stories. I think they did a great job incorporating new storylines to fit adults. Great job!
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Amazing new stuff mixed with more of the same

By Ren_Hoek
Written May 26, 2016
Viewed in IMAX-3D: I loved this book more than the LOTR books so I had much higher expectations for this film. That being said, in my opinion, the scenes where the movie stays closest to the book are amazing and like nothing in the LOTR films. The places where Peter Jackson and his screen writing partners take story / artistic liberty are just more of the same. I understand that movies are not books and some story changes may be necessary for time or pacing however I can not understand why Jackson felt it necessary to insert characters into such a well known and well crafted story and also found it necessary to adjust the books timing of events. Also, Jackson's action / battle scenes are identically paced and begin to repeat elements which just makes them uninteresting, predictable and boring. Finally, why this movie was released in 3D is also puzzling as the 3D is flat and becomes virtually unnoticeable mid way through. Still this is a must see for any fan of the book or LOTR,
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