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if you liked the various books, you'll like this

By dmarquar
Written December 17, 2012
After seeing reviews about the unnecessary length of the movie, I was pleasantly surprised by how watchable and engaging it was. I thought the different additions (except for those strange mountain creatures) helped build up the context of the movie. Of course, much of the additions were familiar to me from reading through the appendices of Tolkien's books. If you're a big Tolkien fan, you'll enjoy and understand the additions, otherwise, it might not make sense. David
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Very Good Movie

By TheBigBoi
Written December 18, 2012
I would say the movie overall was very good with a lot of action. There were some spots in the film that could be cut out. The acting was excellent.
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Not Quite LOTR good

By placeya
Written December 16, 2012
Overall an good movie but not as exciting or as good as the LOTR series. Drags at points and then spends a lot of time with the characters running from something. Nonetheless, still enjoyable and hopefully the next 2 will be a little better.
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An Edge of Your Seat Experience

By jesfaith15
Written December 14, 2012
Having this movie in 3D was great, especially with the detail IMAX brings out. While the movie wasn't really true to the book as much as I would prefer, as a stand-alone movie I was impressed with the depth of the content. It really cleared up some things where Tolkien left holes. Such as Bilbo earning trust with the dwarves, why he stayed after everything he went throuh, etc. There were quite a few "inside jokes" for those that read the book, and I liked them.
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Technology isnt everything

By melofabi
Written December 15, 2012
My daughters and I are Tolkien fans, and the movie was disappointing. Not the show on screen, the images are fascinating, it is amazing what state of the art filmaking technology can do. We are fans, so we can live with one line from the book becoming 20 min of movie. But it is just too much show for the storytelling. The dwarves scape from the goblins cannot be pictured as another battle for helms keep. It has become too easy to make heroes into videogame super heroes who fight single handed hordes of orcs. That exagerated action permeates the movie. And ruins it. We would have liked the story, not the video game.
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