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The Hobbit was worth the wait

By zebsmom
Written December 15, 2012
Loved the move. They were faithful to the book and did a great job with the special effects. They weren't over the top and didn't detract from the story.
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Wonderful movie and fantastic in 3D and IMAX

By PrettyPam42
Written December 18, 2012
The extra paid for the IMAX 3D experience was definitely worth it. No cheap flying stuff at you tricks, just being in there and enjoying the whole experience. It is long at almost 3 hrs with about 10 minutes of previews and the credits but the music at the end during the credits is something to stay for. Sometimes you have to go on an adventure just for the sake of the adventure (and something to tell the grandchildren). ;)
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Stop what you're doing right now! Go to this movie!

By hpme
Written December 19, 2012
So, the movie starts... I laugh many times, I cringe a few times, I get worried for characters many times, I remember parts of the LotR movies at various points, and then the credits start! I was completely involved from start to finish. I did not know I had been sitting for >2.5hours until I looked at my watch after the credits began. What more can you ask from a movie? So, it's not Tolkien's The Hobbit. It's Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. Unlike the LotR, I was prepared to ignore (as much as possible) any and all changes. Not possible - Azog chasing after Thorin? Sheesh!) - but I was not allowing that to impact my enjoyment of the movie (also unlike LotR). Casting, sets, art work, acting (mostly... Elrond is a bit better in this. Gandalf is, unfortunately, a bit "rehearsed"), interpretation of many of Tolkien's thoughts, all great! Just a fantastic piece of work!
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Technical Beauty

By highrollerlv
Written December 29, 2012
I thought the Hobbit did an excellent job keeping the audiences attention throughout the movie. The use of lots of new types of fantasy creatures was extremely fascinating. I loved the scene with the giants around the campfire. Absolutely hilarious!!
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No more 3D for me

By b_k
Written January 15, 2013
The Hobbit is a great movie. If you like the LOTR trilogy then the Hobbit delivers exactly what you want - another 2:40 immersed in Middle Earth with all your favorite sets, characters, and story lines. Like LOTR itself, The Hobbit is not told in the same order as the book is read, but is ordered more chronologically for the bigger picture. Unlike LOTR, The Hobbit goes beyond the story, stretching it a bit and maybe even changing it. Maybe this was more for the producers who want three more full-length films, but not bad if you're a true LOTR junky and will never get enough. What I didn't appreciate was the 3D technology. The 3D doesn't add as much as the lack of quality takes away. I'd rather see my screens in focus, thank you. There were some scenes (like the tossing and cleaning of plates) that seemed designed entirely for the 3D affect, and this detracted from the story as well as the movie. So I like the movie but see it in 2D!
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