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Great Story! Great Movie!

By thesteve
Written August 25, 2016
I do not know why critics are blasting this moving as "slow". The movie had a great pace the entire time even when establishing all of the characters in the beginning. The 3D was incredible with exception to one or two high action scenes that got pretty messy visually (Note: I saw it in the 24 FPS version in IMAX). However, those one or two scenes were not enough for me to deter anyone from seeing this great work of art. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy then it is a "Must Go". If you are a fan of fantasy-genre then it is a "Go".
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A bit long winded but great movie

By cruzerjd
Written February 25, 2017
Great film, a bit bloated towards the middle but the end is awesome. Nice fleshing out of the characters. Could use a little more movement in the storyline but otherwise great movie!
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Good but kinda drags a bit.

By artistbob1965
Written May 29, 2017
Fans like me will love seeing Peter Jackson's cast and crew back in Middle Earth again. Technically brilliant. Story unfortunately feels a little padded because now it's a trilogy. Where the story veers from the original book can be a little jarring and a some of the dialog is cliche. The best part of the film is the scene in Gollum's cave which is simply brilliant and creepy. Andy Serkis' performance as Gollum (with the CGI overcoat) is just incredible. Hopefully the decision to turn this project into a trilogy won't diminish it's overall impact. I'd say three stars out of five.
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Loved it!

By KatieJEddy
Written May 22, 2017
I read the book a couple years ago and it brought me back to when I read it. Some minor changes, but its a movie! I loved it. So much action, we saw it 3d and IMAX, we were sitting a little too close so it felt like a contestant roller coaster, so had to take off the glasses sometimes. We were 6. All couples, ages 21,33,26 .
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By fredws
Written May 28, 2017
Good visuals, more leisurely pace so you get to enjoy the setting and characters more. But avoid the IMAX presentation if you don't want your ears blasted off your head. Any dramatic or battle scenes are WAY TOO LOUD, and even so-called background music is loud enough to be uncomfortable. The volume of IMAX presentations, I'm told by my theatre manager, is stipulated by contract, so the theatre is not able to lower the volume at patrons' request. Instead, see The Hobbit in a non-IMAX presentation where the volume can be set to a more appropriate level by theatre management.
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