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Beyond Amazing!!

By fandingler
Written December 17, 2012
I read "The Hobbit" at a young age. This is the first book I remember falling in love with and becoming fully immersed. The first installment of the movie brought back all of those emotions and multiplied them by 1,000. Masterful execution by all involved. Peter Jackson has officially reached Legendary status. EPIC film. (3D IMAX) I am not sure the frame rate at this IMAX theater, but I did not experience any ill effects. The 3D seemed very natural. It was not forced or in your face at all. Perfect. This film may be a little intense for children under 13. I don't recall a lot of gore, but there are lots of fight scenes featuring up close and personal hacking and slashing of CG monsters.
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Giant Birds Must Charge By The Hour

By Dystopika
Written December 16, 2012
Well-made and EGREGIOUSLY padded. Saw this in IMAX 3D (not HFR), and it looked real pretty. Jackson harvested from appendices to fatten this book into a trilogy. Movie 1 is pretty (in 24 fps, at least), though it RUNS long. I was struggling somewhere in the middle. And toward the end. There are some amazing sights and it ends strongly enough... but, IMHO, THE HOBBIT should have been two movies at most. That said, I've read The Hobbit and the LOTR books, and I've *liked* them but I've not made a religion of them. In some ways, Martin Freeman makes a more interesting/engaging protagonist than Elijah Wood. Still, caveat emptor. While I'm here, DISHONORED is a pretty fun videogame. Hello, Hi, How are you?
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An Edge of Your Seat Experience

By jesfaith15
Written December 14, 2012
Having this movie in 3D was great, especially with the detail IMAX brings out. While the movie wasn't really true to the book as much as I would prefer, as a stand-alone movie I was impressed with the depth of the content. It really cleared up some things where Tolkien left holes. Such as Bilbo earning trust with the dwarves, why he stayed after everything he went throuh, etc. There were quite a few "inside jokes" for those that read the book, and I liked them.
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Beyond my expectations

By joshisaking
Written December 14, 2012
I'm a hardcore Tolkien the LOTR trilogy twice before the movies came out and again after they're release, and I've read the Hobbit twice now. I had a lot of expectations for this movie given Jackson's stellar work on LOTR...and it did not dissapoint! Jackson did a fantastic job of naturally weaving in additional content and characters from Tolkien's other works to make this nearly three-hour film a well-paced and well-balanced screen adaptation, even for Tolkien purists. Some of the characters new to the screen, particularly Balin and Bombur, were exactly as I envisioned them while reading the book! The humor and action were incredibly faithful to the book, appealing to adults and kids, though some scenes might be a little scary for younger children. I saw the midnight premiere in IMAX 3D, and I highly recommend the same format to first-time viewers...the visual and audio quality are completely worth the extra bucks!
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Great movie, Bad in 3-D

By carnicom
Written January 14, 2013
Wonderful prequel to the LOTR trilogy. The 3-D, however, was poorly done and distracted from the cinematics. I found myself looking back and forth between at the characters in the foreground in 3-D and the panoramic vistas in the background in obvious 2-D. I recommend they avoid this in the next two films. I woulld recommend the 2-D version for those who have not seen it yet.
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