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It was a beautifully filmed movie, but ...

By skhampton
Written December 15, 2012
it was rather slow. My husband actually fell asleep during part of it. Probably will wait until the trilogy is out on DVD and then watch them in a marathon.
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too long and boring!

By teaneckmovielover
Written December 15, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed the lord of the rings triligy and was excited to see how this movie would play oput in comparision. I was very disappointed and will not see the next movie(s) in the theater. I MAY see them on DVD. Just when it started to get interesting , the movie ended. My advice.... wait for the dvd
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what were they thinking

By taranis
Written January 23, 2013
There was way too much special effects added into this movie. More time and money should have been spent on trying to keep the script and the story lines consistent with the book. I dont know what the heck they were thinking on some of the scenes. For example gandalf cracking a rock and exposing the sun on the trolls to turn them to stone. That was not in the book so why would you add that. What happened in the book would have been more entertaining. It makes no sense to me why it would be changed. Also the dwarfs are portrayed as great warriors in the movie fighting their way out of problems; in the book they were bumbling and inexperienced and did very little fighting. There are countless other examples. The scenes that worked were the ones that stuck to the book. I am a great fan of tolkien and was very disappointed with this movie.
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Whimsy and action

By libilou
Written December 17, 2012
While Peter Jackson has departed from the story in major ways, I feel he kept the true feeling and nature of the book. The Hobbit is a book of whimsy, fantasy and friendship. While some adults will find the musical numbers a waste of time, they truly are in keeping with Tolkien's first book, which was written for children ages 8-10. If you fell in love with the book, then you must go see the movie.
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Not what I expected!

By Tankarus
Written December 16, 2012
Don't get me wrong, what I saw was a good movie but I was really disapppointed by it. I first read The Hobbit in 1971 and have read it several times since. Call me a purist if you want but there was just to much in the movie that wasn't in the book and a movie calling itself The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey should more accurately be called The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey BEGINS. The book is being presented in 3 parts. OK, I can deal with that. Let the viewers know that with the title. That way if for whatever reason the rest of the book is never presented, I won't feel that I wasted my money like I STILL do with the Bakshi version of The Lord of the Rings. The effects are great and there are touches of humor that really added to it. Maybe it was unnecessary but a little theatrical license never killed a good movie! It's a movie for all ages but even after seeing the movie, READ THE BOOK!!! I know for people today that's a tall order but DO IT!!!! You'll See.
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