See it in


By ksanabia
Written December 15, 2012
All I have to say is go. Just go. It was amazing, they did a very good job and I can't wait for the last two movies XD
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Unexpected Treats

By tunews
Written January 06, 2013
Great movie! I enjoyed the 'extra fluff' and have always wanted the 'Extended Editions/Director's Cut' kind of movies to played on the big screen. Yes, I know that this was not classified as either of those, but it felt great to see it 'all'!
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The Hobit

By Kimjrn66
Written December 14, 2012
I was a little disappointed. I expected it to follow the book more closely just as The Lord of the Rings trilogy did. Looking at it from the standpoint of just a movie on its own, it was worth watching. The scenery was spectacular! The music was incredible! The actor chosen for young Bilbo was point on! The story line was good in the fact that it set up the next two movies which I hope are going to be closer to the book. I was a little disappointed in the CG. I think the orcs look better in their earthy costumes as they are in the LOR trilogy. As a huge LOR fan and the Hobbit is by far my favorite book in the series, I guess I was let down a bit. I expected the same feel I had after watching any of the three of the trilogy and I just did not have it this time. I am hopeful that the next two will give me that feeling.
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

By apettine
Written January 09, 2013
This is an entertaining film with good action and great special effects. I would recommend it to all children and adolescents and some of the sci-fi fan adults I know. I loved the actors, especially the lead who played the hobbit. His reactions to the scenarios really defined and enriched the movie. The story was a little thin, I thought, and the plot was less than innovative, as it duplicated so many of the events which made the Lord of the Rings trilogy so exciting and addictive.
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Great Movie!!

By Smelly LaFoot
Written December 14, 2012
I don't know which movie the critics who rated this so-so were watching because this movie was great! I knew I would like it beforehand, but it surpassed what I was even expecting. The cast for the film was well done and Martin Freeman as Bilbo was a perfect fit. If you liked the Lord of The Rings movies, you will definitely like The Hobbit.
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