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Enjoyed Thoroughly

By mthwsms
Written September 15, 2014
I’m a lover of all things Tolkien. I own every book he’s written. I’ve read through The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit multiple times and The Silmarillion once as well as some of his other histories. The Tuesday before The Hobbit released I read it to freshen up my memory of the book. Well there’s been a lot of digital ink spilled about the movie. A lot of the critical reviews have been negative (see Christ and Pop Culture’s Roundup for plentiful examples). I mentioned a few times on Facebook that many of the reviews seemed to lack a basic understanding of Tolkien and the larger history of Middle-earth. Seth Abramson from none other than The Huffington Post offered a comprehensive review which included actual reasons from Tolkien’s work in defense of the movie (“Dislike Peter Jackson’s the Hobbit? Then you don’t know Tolkien”). Also, Corey Olson, Tolkien expert and creator of The Tolkien Professor podcast, gave the movie thumbs up as well (“A Take on Tolkien”). I’ll throw my hat i
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Great movie. Beautiful scenery

By _action_movie_buff
Written October 01, 2014
Be prepared for a long film. With previews it was three hours. This was an excellent film. There were a few slow moments and some that parts of the film that could have been shorter but the scenery and the characters made up for these areas. The cinematography was amazing and makes you realize how beautiful New Zealand is. If you are a fan of the books then this is a must see as it follows the book very closely.
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The Hobbit

By coachtoml
Written September 30, 2014
A good movie. Lots of Violence. Very similar to Lord of the Rings. The ending left you wanting more. What happens next? I took both my kids, ages 9 and 13, both were a little scared throughout the movie.
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Great Bilbo, terrible movie

By dragonfliesdrawflame
Written December 19, 2012
Martin Freeman is a virtuosic actor. It's a pity he is not allowed to work his magic on screen for more than a few minutes. His scene with Gollum is amazing. The dwarves' dinner chatter is charming. Merlin and the elves are always nice to spend time with. But for half an hour of good stuff, you have to pay with two and a half hours of ORCS! I'll be happy if I never have to look at another orc in my life!
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not just another prequel

By paintmonster13
Written August 20, 2014
I was wanting to see the movie, loving the lord of the rings movies, but was fairly sceptical on prequels.... It brought back to life all my memories of the book I had read long was not exactly what I remember some things were embelished, but it was about as awesome as I think it could be... and if you have any reservations, lose them..this is a great film and is a must have for the dvd collection when it comes out for purchase too..
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