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(Shaking Head) Oh, Peter Jackson...

By DAMProductions
Written December 15, 2012
Will someone please explain to Peter Jackson that length does not equal epic! He we be well served to learn: Extended chase/battle sequences that do nothing to further the story, do not make the moving exciting. Added geek fluff (material not in the original book) does not add to the movie (and I'm a geek). Trust your actors more than your effects wizards. You have such a talented cast given fantastic performances that you have a great movie. Cramming more spectacle in only adds length, slowing the pace and diminishing the heart of the movie. Now, Gollum is an amazing merge of both, but the wargs and goblin caves look like a lame video game. There. I have ranted. The Hobbit was a beautiful movie with lovely performances, but plagued by PJ's penchant for length. Go see it, but pack a lunch and know that anytime Gandalf says "Run!" you have 5-10 minute to visit the restroom without missing anything.
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The Unexpected Journey: A long-anticipated quest

By thomas_j_gracie
Written December 15, 2012
As a whole, Peter Jackson and cast did a great job with the first Hobbit film. As a self contained movie, The Hobbit was fairly powerful and provided a very rich visual experience (I viewed it in 48 frames without 3D). That being said, the Lord of the Rings cinema enthusiasts might find that the application of CGI was a bit liberal relative to and distinct from what they experienced with the original trilogy. The script and acting were exceptional--a respectable balance between faithfully scripting from the book and giving dramatic hard-hitters like Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis a chance to really shine. To comment on the family viability of the film: the level of violence is comparable to Lord of the Rings, but I note this: The Hobbit was scripted with some comedic relief in mind--all the better reason to bring younger siblings/kids if in doubt. To make things brief, I believe that The Hobbit accomplished its goal: recreate the heartwarming but intrepid Hobbit story.
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Lives up to the Legend

By ardensia
Written December 15, 2012
While it's not LotR, The Hobbit is a wonderful romp through Middle Earth. It is good to spend some time there before the character's hearts grow heavy with the weight of the war against Sauron. Martin Freeman is brilliant as a young Bilbo Baggins, and while it's a bit difficult to keep so very many dwarves straight, they are enjoyable and wonderful to watch as a group. If you're not sure about the high frame rate + 3D technology, go see it without 3D. It is still beautiful and a very well-told story even without our gimmicky technology.
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By mark97
Written December 16, 2012
Very dissapointed with the Hobbit. It did not follow the book and it threw humor in that was out of place. Not even in the same league as The Lord of the Rings.
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Great for Fans of the Books!

By makogurl
Written December 14, 2012
Make sure you brush up on your Unexpected Tales and Silmarillion lore! There's a lot of it in this movie, which makes it kind of slow for regular movie-goers. But if you're familiar with the stories, its a blast!!! Radagast the Brown, who is barely a character in the books, is brought to life in a HUGE way and you can't get enough of him. The dwarves are great fun, just like the books. Silly but tough!
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