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Not as good as I expected

By dwachtve
Written July 31, 2014
Without giving away the details, the movie is incredibly long and the ending just plain sucked. For all the hype, i was definitely disappointed. To its credit, it does have some very beautiful scenes and some very funny moments.
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Great movie!

By luis.soccerman
Written August 31, 2014
It seems to be a great movie if you had liked the previous trilogy of Lord of the Rings. The movie displays great character development in Bilbo Bagins. The movie has lots of dialogue describing the origin of the dwarfs and their kings. If you're not a big fan of understanding the story behind the characters you might not be amused. However, if you're like me and love the story you will enjoy how Peter Jackson sets the scene as well as the set up for the next coming movie.
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By whvermason
Written December 18, 2012
I liken this movie to bloat-ware found on a band new PC. The computer itself might be a great system, but after the manufacturer was done installing a bunch of extra crud that you're never going to use, it becomes slow and irritating. That's what The Hobbit movie is, slow and irritating with way too much bloat-ware. I've read the book and enjoyed the original story, but the movie was something else. For whatever reason Hollywood thinks that it's entertaining to watch 'little people' bumble around and scuffle with each other. We saw this in Snow White and The Huntsman, this movie, and many others. Maybe it all started with The Three Stooges. I don't find this particularly funny, even if the 'little people' are really full size actors. Strip all the nonsense and excessive battle scenes from The Hobbit and you'd actually have a pretty good movie. Then maybe Peter Jackson could have done the whole story in one movie like it should have been. The book is only 320 pages or so.
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By nutellanlemons
Written August 27, 2014
I was just forced to see this movie with my friend because she loves lord of the rings. At first I thought it seemed like a lame movie. HOWEVER, during the movie my heart couldn't stop beating because of all the action scenes. It was disappointing that the movie took so long yet didn't actually complete the book. But overall, VERY WELL MADE
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Marathon of crap

By ugadvm
Written July 30, 2014
Peter Jackson must believe he can put out anything and people will eat it up (i suspect he's right). I'm a huge LOTR fan but The Hobbit is a bad movie marathon all in one enormously bloated package. Radagst is the new Jar Jar Binks, the movie is better off without him.
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