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Let the Journey Begin

By ruredeye21
Written July 25, 2016
You know when you are in a good place, with good friends that it will be a great adventure. Going back to Middle Earth is that great feeling. Though the critics were well, critical. As a fan of the books first, I must say thank you Mr. Jackson for bringing us this awesome Christmas gift. Stunning visuals, fantastic music, and characters we can get into! And of course the aquiring of the precious from Gollum! This will be one I will see again!
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

By junkster775
Written August 30, 2016
The film was good. Definitely a must see to continue your story line of the Tolkien Saga. However, I felt that some aspects of this film were lacking. Most specifically, all the enemies were CGI. I really thought this took away from the film after how the enemies were done in Lord of the Rings.
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The Hobbit needs it's own feel

By Zugzug
Written July 29, 2016
The movie was mostly enjoyable and I can see it stretched to a couple of films, but I would rather they edit and let the fans enjoy the original story. The biggest flaw, aside from the freakish film quality and graphics, was the lack of interesting or original score. We were wholly disappointed that the feel of the movie was very much Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit should stand on its own and flourish with a soundtrack befitting of such dwarven and hobbity bravery.
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Get ready for the second one!!

By monimar75
Written May 03, 2016
It was kind slow at first, but after all it was a good movie, with lot of action and excitement, Me and my kids really enjoy it,
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Wait for the DVD....disappointing

By MangoKiss
Written May 05, 2016
Acting is good, cinematography good, effects good but the story and dialogue are mediocre at best. Nowhere near the quality of Lord of the Rings. I was definitely disappointed and bored. They were trying too hard and should have made one Great movie instead of 3 movies to make money. All action and no quality.
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