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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Synopsis
Bilbo Baggins begins a journey to reclaim a stolen treasure.
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(Shaking Head) Oh, Peter Jackson...

By DAMProductions
Will someone please explain to Peter Jackson that length does not equal epic! He we be well served to learn: Extended chase/battle sequences that do nothing to further the story, do not make the...

Gollum is better than ever!

By pedsarq
Peter Jackson does it again! The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is an excellent movie that takes its time to be true to the book and sets up the trilogy nicely for the next films. The adventure...

amazing..excellent! action packed epic!

By nng
im not a LOTR fan and didnt really watch most of the movies completely..i didnt know much about hobbit but after the first 30 minutes was of course pleasantly surprised. the journey just got more and...

The Unexpected Journey: A long-anticipated quest

By thomas_j_gracie
As a whole, Peter Jackson and cast did a great job with the first Hobbit film. As a self contained movie, The Hobbit was fairly powerful and provided a very rich visual experience (I viewed it in 48...

Lives up to the Legend

By ardensia
While it's not LotR, The Hobbit is a wonderful romp through Middle Earth. It is good to spend some time there before the character's hearts grow heavy with the weight of the war against Sauron....


By mark97
Very dissapointed with the Hobbit. It did not follow the book and it threw humor in that was out of place. Not even in the same league as The Lord of the Rings....

Great for Fans of the Books!

By makogurl
Make sure you brush up on your Unexpected Tales and Silmarillion lore! There's a lot of it in this movie, which makes it kind of slow for regular movie-goers. But if you're familiar with the stories,...

simply amazing!

By x4elizabeth
I've read the book and was really hoping that the movie would match up pretty well and it did!! of course they added a few things but thats just to make the movie interesting. and that it did! I...

Don't miss the chance to go on this journey!

By Lucyabigailseward
"The Hobbit" is a wonderful film from beginning to end that truly transports the audience on a magical adventure. I was a little dubious about seeing it in 3D, but it allows a really evocative...

Of course LOTR fans must go.....

By Nacho Baggo
The story is fun and there is nothing else like this series. However, the beginning is awkward and long, the chemistry between the characters is weird, and much of the CGI is too exagerated. The CGI...

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Rated PG-13 | For Extended sequences of intense fantasy action violence, and frightening images.
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Common Sense Media says Tolkien tale isn't as great as LOTR, but better for tweens.
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