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Imagination Revealed

By bilbosrus
Written December 28, 2012
I have read the book. I have also read it to my sons in preparation of it being made. We were ready with high expectations. I found it more imaginative than I expected. The license with story line was good but it is all the imagery that stole the show. I say run to it, do not walk. It is great and best on the big stage of the theater!
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Great Movie

By smashcraft92
Written December 20, 2012
This next adventure in the shadow of the well known Lord of The Rings. Was an amazing well thought out movie that captured the imagination all over again. And they even found time to put some new comedy in to the mix that rivals Gimli in the LOTR trillogy. The only thing that I can say that I did not like was the new graphics and computer generation for the Orcs and the trolls that are in this new movie, for they pale in comparrison to the origional in the LOTR trillogy. I do not think that this is something to be said but this is not a film for children again like the fellowship of the rings I believe this is a film for those of 13 and over, and with the violence it problibly should be R. For an overall rating this is a must see
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The Hobbit

By goldenslady
Written December 16, 2012
We felt the movie was anti-climactic, too much time spent on various sequences but overall a good movie, the special effects & animation were awesome, the performances by the elven were kind of wooden. There just didn't seem to be to cohesiveness of the trilogy.
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An excellent and exciting interpretation.

By codybrevik
Written December 19, 2012
As a lifelong Tolkien fanatic, I have awaited this film for years. The way in which Jackson and company bring the material to life retains a fantastical and whimsical element that was slightly neglected (much like the books) in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, the film also manages to reconcile with the tone of those films. Due to the short length of the original book, I had some concerns about how they would manage to pad the story to fill out three films. After seeing the story play out on screen, I am happy to report that I appreciate the time spent in the world and I am grateful that the filmmakers decided to take their time and develop even the simplest scenes and characters into something worth watching. That said, the film is not for everyone. It is quite long and may not thrill those who are less obsessed with Tolkien's world. Also, perfectionists may balk at some of the liberties taken with the source material (though much is drawn from Tolkien's extant writings).
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Critics got it wrong.

By epsteh
Written December 22, 2012
Beautiful film. I saw it in 3D, but I doubt I would have enjoyed it less in 2D. And I'm not a 3D-hater. I think it worked great in Avatar. Just wasn't necessary here. First, for backbround, I have read the Hobbit, but it was 40 years ago, so my memory of it is poor at best. With that, I'll go straight to the critcs' complaints; that the film was too long, had too many story lines and told a chaotic, incoherent story. Well, it had only one story line that I could detect. Everything led to and supported the Hero's (Bilbo) Journey. There was a small intro piece that placed the events in space and time (for those who haven't read the books and don't know the sequence), but everything fit together neatly. The pacing was perfect, and Jackson is a standout in film directors who can take a popular, accessible text and make it even more accessible to a broader audience (non-fantasy, speculative fiction fans). See it. Make up your own mind.
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