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By ravan5
Written May 19, 2013
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Five Stars

By scot_gal
Written May 03, 2016
Excellent movie. I've been waiting for them to make this movie since I first read the book years ago. I wasn't disappointed. I can't wait for the sequel!
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Strayed too far from the book

By deduper
Written September 30, 2016
Hollywood greed at it's best. Stretching the story out to three movies, with the obvious intent of creating the 'prequel' to LOTR, and the poetic liberties taken to achieve this just leave a bad taste for those who remember and loved the original story. The characters are done well. The action scenes are decent, though far too similar to LOTR when this in truth should be a very different story and not so much an epic tale . . . As a fan of the story and books, I was disappointed in the direction, but taken aside from that it was decent. All-in-all, though, way too long; especially seeing as how they're dragging this out to three movies.
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Very Disappointing

By blindasabat
Written July 30, 2016
Most of the reviews that I have seen for this movie criticize it because Peter Jackson took a relatively short book and embellished it into a trilogy. Those criticisms have not gone far enough IMO. Many of the battle scenes seem to be no different than what we saw in the Lord of the Rings, and what was new and refreshing in LOTR now seems cliched. Much of the music was carried over as well. There are also plot changes that I do not like and do not move the story forward. Bilbo is entirely out of character with his personality in the book. The length of the movie, instead of adding clarity to the plot, simply makes the movie boring. The dwarves do not look like dwarves and their makeup has them looking like characters bad horror films Last, I am not a fan of current 3D technology. I find it distracting to the movie itself. None of this is the fault of the actors, but there are too many obstacles for them to overcome.
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overall ok

By GaronMC
Written January 24, 2017
this movie takes a little bit to really get rolling i even had a guy fall asleep and start snoring in the beginning of the movie but once the adventure starts the movie gets better the visuals are really cool and the mountain scenes are animated beautifully if you are a fan of the cartoon version as i was you will probably enjoy this
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