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Very Disappointing

By blindasabat
Written March 24, 2017
Most of the reviews that I have seen for this movie criticize it because Peter Jackson took a relatively short book and embellished it into a trilogy. Those criticisms have not gone far enough IMO. Many of the battle scenes seem to be no different than what we saw in the Lord of the Rings, and what was new and refreshing in LOTR now seems cliched. Much of the music was carried over as well. There are also plot changes that I do not like and do not move the story forward. Bilbo is entirely out of character with his personality in the book. The length of the movie, instead of adding clarity to the plot, simply makes the movie boring. The dwarves do not look like dwarves and their makeup has them looking like characters bad horror films Last, I am not a fan of current 3D technology. I find it distracting to the movie itself. None of this is the fault of the actors, but there are too many obstacles for them to overcome.
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Not enough story - too many grandiose moments

By sir_reviews_alot
Written December 15, 2012
I LOVED LOTR but this isn't lotr, this is the Hobbit. It was okay, not great, just okay. The story was SO SLOW in getting started. It was like it was a little bit of story and then 25 minutes of a grandiose moment with Elrond, or some other figure. The best part of the film was the last 30 minutes. LOTR this is not. I respect Peter Jackson and am a huge fan but I really hope that parts 2 and 3 have more story and fewer grandiose moments. Even my girlfriend complained, "I kept waiting for something to happen... how can the movie be over already? Nothing happened!" I have to agree with her. I liked it, of course I did! It's the Hobbit for goodness sake! Just don't expect a lot of story.
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Totally Awesome!

By Neo314
Written May 05, 2016
This movies is a true masterpiece, and I am confident the next two installments will be just as good. If you have the patience to wait until they are all released, and you have a huge TV with 3D and a high end sound system, then by all means wait. I couldn't.
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Didn't want it to end!

By m_n_longs
Written May 29, 2016
While in the theater, I did not even notice how long the movie was. It flew! I was actually irritated when the credits began playing. It felt like we'd just arrived. It started out a little bit slow, but the action scenes were an amazing visual experience. My only complaint is that, no matter how far they fell or how injured they should have been, no one even got dirty, let alone scraped up or had a momentary limp or anything. It was really distracting. Otherwise, I LOVED it.
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Begin the journey!

By devtrev85
Written April 28, 2017
Peter Jackson has done it again! I wasn't sure what to expect, and honestly, the confused reviews from people had me lowering expectations. Wow, did the film come through! I was enthralled from the start just as I was 10 years ago. The vivid scenery, compelling story monologues, dynamic characters, and fast pace kept me glued to my seat. Freeman portrays Bilbo just as Tolkien did, and McKellen brings back the old Gandalf with new insight into the character. The dwarves add so much color to the plot with their varied personalities and stories. Memorable scenes from the book are given new life without anything being taken away. See it alone or with friends, but see it!
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