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The Hobbit

By femgees
Written November 29, 2015
The movie was good but too much fighting with very little plot. It was like hours of going around in circles going nowhere. I even started to fall asleep at one point and was hoping the movie would soon be over. I hope the next one is more entertaining.
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Not enough story - too many grandiose moments

By sir_reviews_alot
Written December 15, 2012
I LOVED LOTR but this isn't lotr, this is the Hobbit. It was okay, not great, just okay. The story was SO SLOW in getting started. It was like it was a little bit of story and then 25 minutes of a grandiose moment with Elrond, or some other figure. The best part of the film was the last 30 minutes. LOTR this is not. I respect Peter Jackson and am a huge fan but I really hope that parts 2 and 3 have more story and fewer grandiose moments. Even my girlfriend complained, "I kept waiting for something to happen... how can the movie be over already? Nothing happened!" I have to agree with her. I liked it, of course I did! It's the Hobbit for goodness sake! Just don't expect a lot of story.
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Didn't want it to end!

By m_n_longs
Written May 29, 2016
While in the theater, I did not even notice how long the movie was. It flew! I was actually irritated when the credits began playing. It felt like we'd just arrived. It started out a little bit slow, but the action scenes were an amazing visual experience. My only complaint is that, no matter how far they fell or how injured they should have been, no one even got dirty, let alone scraped up or had a momentary limp or anything. It was really distracting. Otherwise, I LOVED it.
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Totally Awesome!

By Neo314
Written May 05, 2016
This movies is a true masterpiece, and I am confident the next two installments will be just as good. If you have the patience to wait until they are all released, and you have a huge TV with 3D and a high end sound system, then by all means wait. I couldn't.
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Beautiful but a bit of a drag

By basiajo
Written July 27, 2016
The film was good, but seemed like the 3 hours that it was. The previous movies suspended time for me, but I was aware of every second. Never really got lost in the story. Still, if you're a fan, you'll have to see it. Let's hope the next installments bring back the magic.
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