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Simply beautiful.

By daywalkor
Written December 14, 2012
This movie is action packed and fun from the first moments. It fits seamlessly into the Lord of the Rings trilogy and is full of amazing scenery, killer monsters, exciting characters and, of course, beautiful music that made my heart skip a beat. Well played Mr. Jackson, well played.
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A wonderful journey

By Jacksonnv_moviebuff
Written January 02, 2013
Though this could easily be cut into one long movie (with a lot cut out), it's done well. A bit detailed, but I actually liked it. Loved the book and cartoon version years ago, very pleased with the movie version finally coming to life.
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Keeps with the spirit of the LOTR films

By acompton65
Written December 17, 2012
While I have seen this panned by the critics a bit I felt like the first installment of the Hobbit was pretty well done. like the LOTR movies Jackson did a good job fitting in a lot of background information to help set the story, which is contrary to how most classic book-> screenplay conversions go. Was very happy to see it and look forward to the remainder.
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Wonderful movie in a freezing cold theatre

By bhamviola
Written March 30, 2017
The Hobbit is everything we expected and more. A beautifully made film, impressive technical effects, great actors. The UA Greenwood Plaza 12 Movie Showtimes, on Arapahoe Road, is basically a nice theatre. This is the second movie I've seen there in the last month where the theatre was freezing cold. We all had to keep coats, gloves and hats on during the movie. Even with a smaller audience, the management at this theatre should make an effort to keep their patrons comfortable. If the decision to keep the heat at below 50 degrees is coming from United Artists or Regal, they should have their heads examined. I won't be back at this theatre any time soon.
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Jackson doesn’t disappoint!!

By vnatanzon
Written December 17, 2012
Jackson doesn’t disappoint!! We watched it in 3D yesterday. I was initially a bit concerned. My fear was, can Jackson do it again? Also, Hobbit was before Lord of the Rings and the story is not so reach (in comparison). But Peter Jackson proofs (again) that he is a great interpreter (plus Bakshi) of Tolkien mind. He creates visual world with strange, enchanted and funny characters and opens the door for you to walk in. In 3D it makes it even more realistic and magical. I personally don’t like movies over 2 hours, but in this case (like in ring trilogy), I wish it would continue more. All actors played very well and the scene in goblin underground kingdom was superb. The usage of special effects utilizing 3D animation is at its best. As with the ring movies, you are awaiting impatiently for the next chapter..
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