if u haven't seen this movie, please read this!

By CradleOfFilth52493
Written September 21, 2008
ok so many people keep sayin tht this movie was a horrible remake but im tellin u tht anyone who thinx tht way is a dumbass nd they dont no wat good horror films r so ill cut to the chase I LUV THIS MOVIE! the movie had great action scenes it keeps u interested nd the best scene was the endin wen john ryder killed the cops nd let the gurl shoot him while he was walkin but the only differences between this movie nd the old version r the gendr of the hero in this movie nd this remake is 5 times more brutal so go watch it!
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The Hitcher

By NatHagan062308
Written June 30, 2008
Not like joyride, or any of those other movies where theres an esteemed serial killer chasing after you on the highway. A reviewer said this movie wasnt suspensful.. THEY LIED. this movie had me jumping. I went to the theatre by myself and was so scared i almost left i had to call one of my friends just so i could get through it. I was scared to drive home. Sean is a great actor he played his part so well. kept me on the edge of my seat very entertaining and interesting when it was over i wanted to see it again. Thats how good this movie is. I give this movie a must go . If you havent seen it you must go and buy the dvd NOW!!
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By Brit07
Written April 22, 2008
I liked this movie...but I didn't like it. Sean Bean is awesome, i love his character, and is probably the only thing in the movie that wont let me give it a NO! rating. Sophia Bush and Zachary Knighton are just horrible...bad acting and just wrong for the roles. But Bean stole the show and made it good to see. If you want to watch this, I suggest watching the 1986 film with C. Thomas Howell more than this one. But if your like me and just had to watch this because of Sean Bean, just do it for him...otherwise the movie just blows.
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Hitcher was great

By juliestarr94
Written January 30, 2007
Hitcher was a seriously jump out of your seat shocker of a movie. I don't like scary movies usually but this had a storyline and was really good.
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Go for Sean Bean

By Lyneille
Written December 07, 2007
Yet another film that proves the point: movies are more fun if the actors can actually act. Unfortunately for the Hitcher, Sean Bean is the only member of the cast who delivers a performance worth watching - and it's a shame that he has so little screen time and even less dialogue. A large portion of the blame must fall on the screenwriter and director, for choosing car chases and explosions over sufficient dialogue to develop the characters. Without that interplay, only Sean Bean has enough acting chops to deliver - which leaves him adrift in a flick that can't decide if it wants to tantalize or terrify. Otherwise - the Hitcher will rate well with horror buffs and young men, since in addition to the car chases and big bangs, Sophia Bush spends a substantial amount of her screen time engaged in gratuitous disrobing before morphing into a diminutive female Rambo. Zach Knighton is largely a non-entity; hardly noticed when he's there and scarcely missed once he's gone.
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