The History Boys Synopsis
Dedicated teachers use varying means to prepare their young charges for Oxford and Cambridge.
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The History Boys

By Balrog
A film with excellent performances and directing throughout. The roll of "Hector" by Richard Griffiths is stunning. In a scene where Hector meets with one of his students, Griffiths delivers a...

The History Boys

By Kas509
I saw this on Broadway, and the movie was almost as good as the play. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it was just the right amount of tradgedy and comedy in a movie....

If you look past the obvious, you might be able to learn something too

By phoenix78j
I suppose that everyone has a right to their own opinion. However, it amazes me that people can get obsessed with minor character flaws and fail to see the impact the story has on the characters....

The History Boys

By annemorr
It was excellent: terrific story--as ambiguousteacher/student relationships usually are, great casting (the same excellent cast as in the play). I did not see the play, but was impressed by the...

Go If You Are NOT a Homophobe.

By Utopian1
As someone that has been involved in intergenerational love affairs, I endorse this film highly. It is incredibly well acted, incredibly well written and lovingly transferred to film by director...

The History Boys

By mescholl07
After seeing the preview for the movie a few times, I thought it looked interesting and was worth my time. When this happens, there are some movies that disappoint you, and others, such as The...

The History Boys

By NYC movie fan
having enjoyed the play on Broadway, I was eagerly anticipating the film. I am glad to report that the movie is equally as engaging as the play and well worth the time spent in the theater. The...

The History Boys

By chinapooh
A very enjoyable movie. Most of the cast were the orginal actors from the stage and I wished I had seen them when they were on Broadway! And what good looking guys! One standout was the actor who...

Really dissapointed

By psducky
I was excited to see the movie -- after all, it earned more Tony's than other shows last year. What a bore. Big dissapointment....

More please!

By Brooksey
One of the best movies of 2007, first class performances from a talented cast, wonderful acting, excellent screen play, more movies of this thought provoking, inteligent quality please!...

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Rated R | For language and sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Play-turned-movie grapples with sexuality, life.
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