it was.......

By keeeeeahhhd
Written March 24, 2007
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The Hills Have Eyes 2

By movie_critic_2007
Written March 24, 2007
A lot of blood and gory!
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hills have eyes 2

By shortiekid
Written March 28, 2007
i think it was a cheesy movie. not too much to say other than that... the first one was way better!
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Oh Yess!

By mr.bambi
Written March 29, 2007
Thois movie was full of action. People were consatntly getting attacked and there was never a dull moment. This one definately outdid the first one. It was probably the gorriest movie i've ever seen so if thats what you're in to you should probably see this one.
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kind hard to rate

By bigevil4578
Written March 30, 2007
Ok, i am all for a movie with blood and guts. this has some desent kills but there is no story to the monsters, the first one was awesome in every aspect to the movie, the second one was alright. there is no way the army or national gaurd or any on eof the military would act the way they did in this movie, the monsters were cool looking didn't like the good one though seems like they were trying to make him like the little girl from the first. and some people say the rape seen was un called for, this is a two way street, yes because they had to have it for a number 3 to come, no because it wasn't the same as the first one i mean the guy was ruthless in the 2nd but ya kinda expected it to happen as in the first one it was like WOW. overall i'd say the killing is desent, monsters are cool looking if your bored and wanna see blood and guts go for it other then that wait til it comes to dvd
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