Better Than the First

By BrandonXBooth84
Written March 25, 2007
Which is a surprise for sequels these days. I think all horror fans should go for all the blood, guts, startles, etc.
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Hills 2 too threw

By mz_thang
Written March 28, 2007
The follow up to the hills was not so great. The first hills was more thrilling. This one was too easy to kill and be over with. The shocker was that 2 women and one of the weakest men survived. Overall I would say to go watch it b/c it has some frightning scences but not better than the hills have eyes.
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hills 2

By moviefanatic86
Written March 31, 2007
hills have eyes 2 was a pretty glory film there were some stupid sense,could hav done better with this film.hope they don tmake a 3rd movie out of it.
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The Hills Have Eyes 2

By dizlilchick69
Written March 26, 2007
I think this movie was crazy scary. I love scary movies so I knew I wanted to see it. It was really go0od. I have recommend this movie to alot of people. Its a must see movie. It looked so real. It just made us soldiers look really scared and we are not suppose to be looked that way. Other then that it was a great movie to watch with someone next to you. I want the 3rd part.
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By movie_fanatic10
Written March 24, 2007

this movie was really good. there were tons of parts that made me jump! if you like getting scared then this is a movie for you. this movie was way gorier than the first. i reccommend it!

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