The Hills Have Eyes 2

By lyljen541
Written March 29, 2007
Personally i believe the movie was OK. Definately not what i expected and i continue to believe that part one was much better.
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By alexnbill
Written April 21, 2009
I give every movie a chance and never walk out of the theater. I have never even come close to walking out until I went to see this display of pure brutality and absolutely sickening special effects. The makers of the film went straight to the gore factor and nothing else. I wouldn't see this movie unless you have a strong stomach and are into a lot of gore.
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By hibye
Written May 02, 2009
I find this movie absolutely disgusting. And, no, it's not because of all the gore. With horror films nowadays, due to a lack of imagination, it's to be expected. But, was the rape scene really necessary? Was the second rape really necessary? No.
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"This movie could have been alot better"

By jerseyjones
Written March 13, 2009
I didn't think the movie was very good. It was a poor remake for several reasons the acting wasn't very good they all seemed dumb. The story needed work and to much blood and violence. The only thing I really liked was the baby and dog lived at the end. I think Doug was cute though and ended up beating those creatures. The movie was just different and not interesting and also seemed incomplete for some reason.
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my the hills have eyes review

By lord-o-movies
Written July 03, 2008
the best horror movie ive seen in years great amounts of gore the actors werent bad and very very scary great makeup
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