The Hedgehog review

By ralupop1
Written August 31, 2011
One of the few movies that gives the satisfaction of all the best parts of the book. The rare movie I would actually recommend watching first, then reading the book for all the genius.
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The Hedgehog

By jeanandrews
Written August 20, 2011
What a beautiful, touching, intelligent, thoughtful film. Don't miss this one!!!!
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Worthwhile to see

By mhatlanta
Written August 29, 2011
This lovely movie is well-acted. I really enjoyed the portrayals by both the female leads - with child actors, being overly cute or grating is the normal pitfall but the girl who plays Paloma is truly wonderful. As a fan of the book, I especially loved seeing this creative adaptation to the big screen. Well worth the price of a ticket!
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