wonderful film

By mr.doover
Written December 13, 2011
One of the best movies I have seen in a long time! The story is touching and the film is beautifully made.
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The Hedgehog

By Lin2124
Written November 12, 2011
I read the wonderful book and the movie did it justice. Acting, cinematography, and keeping to the story was excellent. We laughed and ciried.
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absolute perfection

By msniteowl
Written September 04, 2011
Once in a while a a movie comes along that is so unexpected. I am almost glad I did not read the book and did not know how the movie would end. well done
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Top ten

By sailingonrooftops
Written October 11, 2011
An outstanding script, superb acting, directing ... A must see! Life, by necessity, must be viewed from one perspective at a time. Here the viewer is drawn in to one, and pulled out through another. Convincing, moving, thought provoking ... Beautifully complex and yet entirely simple. Loved it.
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How are you perceived?

By mwill1993
Written October 17, 2011
A great little movie and even better if you've read the French bestseller. It starts a little slow but it's immediately apparent that the building super is not what she seems to be and it takes a precocious little girl and an outsider to French society to convince the super to be who she really is. Don't let the first hour fool you, the ending packs a real punch to the gut.
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