wonderful film

By mr.doover
Written December 13, 2011
One of the best movies I have seen in a long time! The story is touching and the film is beautifully made.
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The Hedgehog

By Lin2124
Written November 12, 2011
I read the wonderful book and the movie did it justice. Acting, cinematography, and keeping to the story was excellent. We laughed and ciried.
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absolute perfection

By msniteowl
Written September 04, 2011
Once in a while a a movie comes along that is so unexpected. I am almost glad I did not read the book and did not know how the movie would end. well done
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Top ten

By sailingonrooftops
Written October 11, 2011
An outstanding script, superb acting, directing ... A must see! Life, by necessity, must be viewed from one perspective at a time. Here the viewer is drawn in to one, and pulled out through another. Convincing, moving, thought provoking ... Beautifully complex and yet entirely simple. Loved it.
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Charming little film

By kwoan
Written October 16, 2011
The movie has a charm and personality that's hard to dislike. The characters are so wonderful and enjoyable to watch and the interplay between them is expertly crafted. Each person seems to want to reach out and interact with each other that it makes the film feel quite plausible.
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