The Hedgehog Synopsis
Paloma decides she will kill herself on her birthday but has a change of heart.
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The Hedgehog

By Lin2124
I read the wonderful book and the movie did it justice. Acting, cinematography, and keeping to the story was excellent. We laughed and ciried....

Top ten

By sailingonrooftops
An outstanding script, superb acting, directing ... A must see! Life, by necessity, must be viewed from one perspective at a time. Here the viewer is drawn in to one, and pulled out through...

How are you perceived?

By mwill1993
A great little movie and even better if you've read the French bestseller. It starts a little slow but it's immediately apparent that the building super is not what she seems to be and it takes a...

The Hedgeog

By Awasai
Excellent movie. Really enjoyed it. Quirky characters, interesting plot if somewhat contrived. Light entertainment but for intelligent people. This movie is well written and fabulously acted,...


By jameslane
given the scarcity of good summer movies, this one is even more worthy of seeing than it would be otherwise. Very smart emotionally satisfying characterizations and quirky intelligence propel it to...

The Hedgehog review

By ralupop1
One of the few movies that gives the satisfaction of all the best parts of the book. The rare movie I would actually recommend watching first, then reading the book for all the genius....

Worthwhile to see

By mhatlanta
This lovely movie is well-acted. I really enjoyed the portrayals by both the female leads - with child actors, being overly cute or grating is the normal pitfall but the girl who plays Paloma is...

The Hedgehog

By jeanandrews
What a beautiful, touching, intelligent, thoughtful film. Don't miss this one!!!!...