The Heat

By raliz
Written July 06, 2013
This was the funniest cop buddy movie made in a long time. The pace of the movie was perfect and Bullock and McCarthy had a chemistry that was amazing. We like this much better than Identity Theft which was good while this was fantastic.
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Bullock and McCarthy Bring the Heat

By anil_moviebuff
Written July 05, 2013
Really funny movie. Probably not something that is really family friendly, but there are a lot of laugh out loud scenes. I'd see a sequel if they made it. So much funnier than I thought it was going to be. Melissa McCarthy is SO funny. Wow!
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The Heat is Hilarious!!!

By globalreach
Written October 22, 2016
This movie is so funny, I don't even know where to start. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy paired - who'd have ever thought! I laughed from start to finish, including a few not-so-tasteful times. Both stars play characters who are outrageous; Ashburn is too rule-bound and straight-laced, and Mullins doesn't follow any rules. But they still manage to find some redeeming attributes in each other. I couldn't believe it when a reversal occurred and Ashburn (Bullock) takes fashion advice from Mullins (McCarthy). Now this is a date night movie!
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By sbnks11
Written July 28, 2013
In the beginning it seemed as if the humor was going to be forced as if they were TRYING to make you laugh but as the movie went on I grew to know the characters and accept the humor as natural. Sandra and Melissa are amazing together and I would love to see a sequel!! There were many laugh out loud moments and a few heartwarming ones. I would definitely see it again.
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A Must see movie!

By SophiaGrace10
Written June 30, 2013
I am still laughing when I think of the dialogue and I saw it last night. The jokes are fast and furiously funny. You will be laughing so hard you barely have time to breathe before the next wisecrack hits you. Everyone in the theater was laughing really hard. Melissa McCarthy has perfect timing and plays off of Sandra Bullock so well. Lots of pro feminist jokes, so some men might be a bit uncomfortable with the references. Extremely violent with profanity flying right and left. It was great to see Jane Curtin as Melissa's Mother and the whole dysfunctional Boston Irish family. All the actors were fab. Marlon Wayans as the professional agent crushing on Sandra was well done. The raucous night at the pub when they overstayed their evening out was very funny. It seemed true to life. Some gore, the car bombing and the knife in the leg was cringe worthy! A fun evening out with friends. I will remember this movie for days. I will watch it again just to laugh really hard. Enjoy!
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