McCarthy + Bullock= Pure Entertainment

By mmmtexas
Written January 21, 2017
My expectation was to give my husband a dose of Sandra Bullock and enjoy the rest of the weekend. I was so pleasantly surprised that the show is funny from beginning to end. Mc Carthy is better than Bullock and it is worth seeing at the theatre for full price admission and I rarely think shows are worth matinee or Red Box rates. Enjoy life, laugh through this and experience some truly funny leading ladies!
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By cartee
Written June 29, 2013
A very upbeat show with great acting that continually keeps you laughing and ends leaving you with a tear of joy in your eye. A bit too many "F" words, but nevertheless, they all blurt out so frequently in the most appropriate times (assuming there ever are) that it works. A wonderful departure from all of the other crap coming out of Hollywood.
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The Most Hillarious Movie EVERRRRRRR

By cgates1994
Written October 28, 2016
I have never laughed so hard before. They were a great team in this moving. The ladies need to do more pictures together. I am still laughing.
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Good chick flick.

By brew_m
Written July 03, 2013
Had lots of humor, with unique actions and dialogue. A check flick for sure. For those who like Bullock and McCarthy, McCarthy steals every scene. You go girl(s)!
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Heat Rocks

By tellstar2
Written June 30, 2013
Melissa McCarthy was great. I laughed threw out the movie. Who ever cast Mesilla & Sandra together did job. They worker wonderful side by side. I understand some of the lines were unprompted & not in the script. I always thought albino or the black FBI agent was the bad guy, but the writer had me guessing me wrong. The end left you believing that a sequel was in the works. If so I will be their for the showing. Loved it.
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